Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

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Delays and Burned-Out Bulbs

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Official Student Senate Notes from the Safety Walk:

• Blue lights don’t go directly to police, takes awhile before police arrive, police don’t know where you are located
• Cracked sidewalk on path of Mercer Hall, leading to parking lot
• Gate by Sunken Road could cause problems for police and other emergency vehicles
• Alvey Drive too dark
• Stairs leading down to field not lit, need a blue light
• Need a “No right on red” sign near hospital intersection
• Lights go off as you walk by (Seacobeck and Alvey Hall)
• No lights or blue lights on woodchip path in-between Dupont Hall and Jepson Hall
• No lights on path to route one in back of Goolrick Hall
• No lights near commuter lot across from Dupont Hall
• Could cut out part of a bush, to add a blue light along College Ave, especially near Goolrick Hall and Jepson Hall.
• College Ave. not well lit, hard to see pedestrians who jay walk.
• Sand on steps to Eagle’s Nest and Seacobeck very slippery
• Slate pieces under the bridged path by the Nest very slippery
• Bridge by Seacobeck needs more light and bushes need to be trimmed
•The William Street Mansion needs blue light, more lighting, and a crosswalk button
• Crosswalk lights near apartments change too quickly
• Lighting needed in back of Trinity Epsicopal Church, road leads to UMW apartments
• Corner near Battlegrounds and Alumni Center needs lights
• Pot holes by exit of Marshall parking lot, clear “EXIT” and “ENTERANCE” signs needed in lot
• Bricks near Russell Hall get slippery
• Stairs near Framar Hall and Bushnell Hall are slick when wet, need lighting
• Ampitheatre path not lit, no blue lights, bricks missing, tripping hazard
• Back porch of Willard Hall, bulb burned out

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