Sat. Oct 31st, 2020

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Video: Cross-Dressing Scores Big at Lip Sync Contest

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Class Council’s 12th Annual Lip Sync Contest was Tuesday night and was, as always, chock full of gyrations, pelvic thrusting and guys wearing dresses. The acts were judged on their lip sync accuracy, costumes, choreography originality and audience response.

Hosted by sophomore Anders Coe, the show was judged by a panel made up of sophomore Aaron McPherson, seniors Brad Efford and Caitlin Paris, Professor Chad Murphy and Associate Director of Student Activities Christina Eggenberger andVice President for Student Affairs Doug Searcy.

The blue ribbon and $400 in prize money went to the most deserving group, “Sexual Chocolate.” Made up of five young ladies dressed up as what appeared to be old men, the quintet seduced Dodd Auditorium with their impeccable dancing to songs like “Wild Thing,” “Brick House,” “Sugarlumps” and other sexually charged hits. The quintet was led by the hilarious groove moves of freshman Taylor Poindexter.

Second place was awarded to “Dr. Pepper & Lil Somethin’ Somethin’,” a duo who led the audience through fairly detailed account of a budding relationship between sophomores Liz Bradley and Chris Velluci through short snippets of over 20 songs.  Other highlights were Hassan Abdelhalim and Anders Coe’s lengthy passing of the lip sync torch, and “The Brobots” rendition of “Party and Bullshit/Party in the USA.”

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