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Invisible Children Hosts Date Auction: All proceeds to benefit child victims of Ugandan Civil War

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The Invisible Childrens Club is offering students an opportunity to go on a date while donating money towards helping revitalize education in war-torn Uganda.  On Sunday, Nov. 22 the club will host a date auction at 7 p.m. in Great Hall.

According to club President senior Katherine Knopf, there will be 43 UMW students up for auction with the bidding starting at $30 for each person.  Dates range from delicious dinners downtown to more relaxed excursions around Fredericksburg. The buyer who spends the most money at the auction will have first choice from the array of dates offered by Invisible Children.
Despite nearing 24 years in length and reaching a death toll estimated in the millions, the Ugandan Civil War has recieved little attention in the U.S. compared to other human rights crises in Africa recently.

Invisible Children is trying to instill a safe, modern, and productive environment for education in Uganda.  UMW, along with other schools who have Invisible Children chapters, were able to provide new classrooms, a girls’ dorm, running water, and renovated plumbing to their sister school Laycor Secondary–essentials which many people take for granted.  They have also been able to raise money for school supplies, houses, meals, uniforms, and counseling for child soldiers to have been forced to participate in the brutality.

Tickets for the date auction are $1 dollar and can be purchased at the door.  100 percent of the proceeds are being donated towards helping Laycor Secondary by way of the generous donations local businesses in Fredericksburg have offered to help raise money for the cause.

All donations given by check at the event are also tax deductable.  Any contribution can help provide some stability to people living in a chaotic situation.  Come out Sunday night and help provide people the same opportunity

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