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The Blue & Gray Press | August 21, 2019

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Police Beat-Jan. 19 to Jan. 25

Jan. 19- A Fredericksburg resident called to report a possible “peeping Tom” near Russell Hall. UMW police responded two minutes after the call but found no suspicious activity. However, police did find a faulty lock on one window and secured the window until UMW Facilities could come the next morning to make a permanent repair.

Jan. 21- Police received a report of damage to Virginia Hall due to skateboarders who wore down the edges of the stairs and railings. UMW police responded but did not locate any skateboarders.

Jan. 21- A student contacted UMW police about possible vandalism to the student’s car, which was parked in the lower level of the parking deck. The student believed the tire of the car was intentionally slashed. A report was filed.

Jan. 21- A student member of the Eagle Patrol filed a report of UMW students shouting obscenities from the balcony of building two of the UMW Apartments. Police responded and spoke with the students involved. After police warned them, the students agreed to comply with the law.

Jan. 21- UMW police arrested a student at the Bell Tower for being drunk in public.

Jan. 22- UMW police responded to a call for assistance from Residence Life involving the suspicion of marijuana use in Bushnell Hall. Police escorted two non-students to a waiting cab. Residence Life referred one student to the administration.

Jan. 22- A student at the UMW Apartments called in a noise complaint regarding a party in the apartment upstairs. UMW police responded and warned the students at the party of the complaint.

Jan. 25- A UMW student came to the Public Safety office to file a complaint against UMW police officers for not writing enough parking tickets. The student was referred to the Assistant Vice President for Public Safety.

From Jan. 19 to Jan. 25, police provided 11 safety escorts to those who requested them.

Also, from Jan. 19 to Jan. 25, UMW police issued five warnings to student drivers for failing to obey traffic signs and traffic signals. Police have noticed the violations at the intersection of College Avenue and Brent Street, College Avenue and William Street as well as on Double Drive. Police want to remind students to observe all traffic signals and signs to avoid possible traffic tickets and to keep everyone safe.

Police want to remind students to observe the parking regulations posted by the City of Fredericksburg. Over a three-day period last week, Fredericksburg police called in affiliation checks for vehicles parked along local streets. Out of 22 vehicles checked, eight belonged to UMW commuting students and six belonged to UMW residential students. UMW police have no jurisdiction over Fredericksburg tickets and failing to pay or challenge the tickets will result in court action by the City.


  1. Matt

    The article says “Police want to remind students to observe all traffic signals and signs to avoid possible traffic tickets and to keep everyone safe” but there’s still one place I see violations EVERY time I leave campus, and I’ve NEVER seen anybody stopped for a violation. Leaving the parking deck, Alvey Dr. has a no-left-turn sign clearly posted below the stop sign. Almost every time I leave, I get stuck in a line of cars because somebody wants to turn left onto US-1.

    That’s not only visitors and red/yellow stickers (student) but I’ve also seen blue stickers (staff) making the illegal left turn. Maybe this is related to everyone blindly following their GPS’s (my Garmin says turn left there) but people who go to UMW daily should know it’s illegal.

    Not only is it frustrating for everyone who follows the sign and sees others “cheating” to get out faster, it also creates long backups (while they wait for both directions to clear) and creates a hazard for people they suddenly pull out in front of who are already traveling South on US-1 and have to hit the breaks. I’ve been in that situation and it’s especially frusterating when I’ve gone to the trouble of making a right and turning around, then I have to slam on the breaks for someone who wants to cut in front of me after making an illegal left turn.

    Also, I’m curious about where the complaint about ticketing was for, I haven’t seen any violations this semester but I have seen campus police driving around the parking deck from time to time, especially in the mornings.

    I don’t think there is any system in place for other students to report parking violations? Such a system could help make enforcement easier but it would provide incentive for everyone to follow the regulations if they knew other students could anonymously report violations.

    Last semester I saw a number of times where yellow stickers were in the commuting level(s) and the one time I went to Brent Hall to inquire about this but there was nobody there and I only had a couple minutes between classes so I had to leave immediately. Since it’s usually just one or two people parked in the wrong locations, if there are still a few parking spaces left it’s not so serious but as parking fills it can become more important that everyone follows the rules.