Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

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Local Band ‘Green Boys’ Debut Album a Polished Work

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The Green Boys debut album cover. (courtesy of The Green Boys)

Local alt-country band The Green Boys will release their first CD at a free show at Bistro Bethem Friday, April 2. The band has been playing almost constantly since forming as a duo in 2007. In the intervening three years, they have added two members to their line up and polished their repertoire to a glow.
The Green Boys are a true retro country band, utilizing a 4/4 bluegrass time signature, a stand-up bass and the slow whine of the dobro. Singer Ryan Green’s high, nasal voice is reminiscent of a more upbeat Hank Williams. While the band utilizes traditional country music time signatures and instruments, their songs have a folky, simple quality. The band never deviates from guitar, bass, dobro and drums, keeping the songs tight and catchy.

The band sticks to traditional country music and folk lyrical content. The lyrical content of the album sticks to traditional country themes, from the opening track “Stop My Roam,” to “Me and My Gal,” the last track. “Stop My Roam” is about a man whose girl can’t stop him from rambling. “Me and My Gal” is about honky tonks and the breakdown of romantic relationships.

The eight-track album captures the Green Boys at their absolute peak. Unlike most local bands’ first-ever record, the Green Boys sound mature and sure footed on their first effort. The album sounds like it came from a big name recording studio, shedding the expected DIY feel of a locally-produced record.

The Green Boys’ debut album is proof that the band has the chops to hang with the best. With polished lyrical and musical content and a studio polished album, the band has proved their more than just an open-mic bar band.

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