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The Blue & Gray Press | August 22, 2019

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Fools Fest This Weekend At Pratt Park: FREE BEER


Over thirty years ago, an ultimate frisbee tournament was founded on the mall in Washington, DC. Named “Fools Fest,” the tournament is the longest running tournament in the short history of the sport. Today, Fools Fest now takes place every year in Pratt Park, just over the river in our very own Fredericksburg, Va.

This weekend marks the 32nd annual Fools Fest, with games beginning around 9 a.m. Friday through Sunday. With over 40 mens and mixed teams, there is a wide variety of skill on display on the tournament.

Fools Fest has over a thousand players and spectators each year, many from UMW. A major draw for many students is the free beer garden provided by the teams and the Washington Area Frisbee Club, to patrons over 21, of course. Concessions are also provided as well as apparel and team frisbees.

Last year, the UMW Ultimate team sent a team made up of current players and alumni to compete in the games. The team made it to the quarterfinals on Sunday, but, unfortunately, was not accepted back this year.

The weather this weekend is forecasted to be around 80 degrees and sunny all weekend. This could be one of the best Fools Fests in recent memory. Head over to Pratt Park this weekend to enjoy some ultimate and beer in the sun.


  1. Austin

    Some current and alums from umw will be scattered about playing on the teams called “Peggy Cronin,” the men’s champion from last year and “WeSwill,” men’s semi-finalists from last year.