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The Blue & Gray Press | August 17, 2019

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Letter to the Editor: Censorship, at what Cost?

Recently, while reading one of the bulletin boards in Trinkle Hall, I was very disheartened by what I saw. Normally, I try to avoid confrontation regarding contentious political issues, but I felt obligated to right, what I perceive, as an injustice to the UMW community.

Hanging on the board were two fliers advertising events hosted by two prominent, pro-life religious organizations on campus.

However, I was concerned to see that these posters were deliberately obstructing the view of other fliers.

One was advertising confidential and free HIV/AIDS testing on campus, the other was regarding a training session for our campus Sexual Health Peer Educator program.

These are two programs that I feel are essential to student health and wellness.

It does a grave disservice to our student body for one organization to attempt to silence the work of another organization on campus, because they disagree with that activity.

In an academic environment, it is important to encourage lively and diverse discourse regarding a variety of issues. Deliberate censorship of an idea may have won a temporary victory for your cause or organization, but at what cost?

Kristin Magill is a Senior.


  1. Kate Spencer

    Thank you. I am part of VOX, the club that runs both of those programs, and it’s sad to hear that there are other groups out there who are petty enough to try and cover it up rather than let people decide for themselves. HIV/AIDS testing is essential for the health and well-being of everyone, whether you’re religious or not it doesn’t matter. And the Sex Peer Educators are nothing more than people to help you stay safe. It’s downright childish to do that. I feel both should be called out on it.

  2. Justus Wilkins

    well Kate, it looks like they were called out on it after all, because you commented on this story. Stupid liberals!