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The Blue & Gray Press | August 22, 2019

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  1. You mean those are logos not crushed pizza boxes? Who knew?!

  2. Kathleen

    I’m glad school pride is increasing and that SGA is making an apparent effort to do so, but I also feel like this plan was not thought out very well and the logos were just slapped onto the streets… not shocking since it seems Rick Pearce was a part of this process….
    Anywaaysss, I would have liked to have seen something like one large eagle painted in the crosswalk of the main entrance to the campus- Brent St. and College Ave. or placed centrally on College Avenue. I think that would have had a greater impact than eagles placed randomly on College.

  3. Molly

    16 grand for some street logos seems a little steep when the administration is attempting to raise tuition by 25%. Come on UMW- for 16 grand you could probably install some high tech security cameras in the parking garage. Props to the Bullet for getting this statistic!!

  4. M.

    Really, $16,000? For something that will probably have to be up-kept and touched up in the not too distant futures…

    Hey, do you think 16,000 would be enough to keep an officer in the parking deck for a few more hours?

  5. Kelly

    Wow, the college should be ashamed of how much money they have spent on these logos. First we hear about tuition increasing and then the awful security we have on the parkig deck and $16,000 is spent on something like this? Where is the college’s priorities?

  6. Kelly and others,

    I too see the logos as rather superfluous, but before we blame the “faceless” college, it seems to be that the SGA pushed for this at the request of the students. Or at least Rick Pearce notes as much here:

    And this was two years ago, right when tuition was also being raised and the issue surrounded security was at its height.

  7. Jimmy Justice

    Oh cool, logos on the street! Let me just park my car on college ave real quick so I can check them out. Oh wait, now the cocky worthless campus police have given me a $100 dollar ticket because I didn’t have decals on my car on a street we’ve all been using for years with no problems. Ugh, this is frustrating, I’m going to go to Seaco with some friends to try and get over this. Aw snap, Seaco sucks today, but then again the food always sucks. Man, maybe it’s just a bad day. I’ll just got back to Eagle Landing now and sleep it off. Nope, can’t do that, got another fire alarm going off now and I’m stuck outside in the freezing cold for another 30 minutes.

    16 grand well spent, UMW.

  8. Cassandra

    “The Eagle logos…can be enjoyed by our students…”

    Really? Because as soon as I saw them, I sighed heavily & shook my head.

    Is this why I’m $20,000 in debt? Is this why my books cost so much? Is this why I can’t get substantial financial aid? Because UMW needs funding for their little art projects?

    And I’m sure when they get tire-streaked in a week, UMW’s going to shell out another $16,000 to freshen them up.

    Oh well! A small price to pay for school spirit!

  9. Megan

    You could’ve paid the art students a quarter of that and even less for the supplies and had a better-looking logo. And I would endorse the logo more if it was actually hand-crafted by our school’s students. Nothing says love and support like commercial production, amirite?!?

    I agree, they look like gargantuan flat pizza boxes. A white outline would look better than a white square…

  10. Observer

    @Jimmy Justice: What does any of that have to do with the topic?

    Also, something like this does not come out of thin air. They did not decide a project this big last week; it had to be debated and planned out carefully. I noticed them being put down on Sunday, and I did see some students doing the actual artwork. The majority of the money probably went towards supplies and traffic control.
    @ Kathleen: Why do you say that about VP Pearce? He does mention that it was at student request…
    @ Megan: I agree, an outline of the eagle would have looked better, but with the size of the eagle it would also be confusing to drivers. The square makes it unambiguous…
    And who do you all think funds school events? The pep rally each year? The concerts, shows, and cultural events? To me, this looks like just another cut of the spirit budget, only this is a lot more permanent than a dance or a party. The upkeep on these won’t need to be done for another couple years, and it will cost significantly less than the original price. All in all, it’s a lot less costly than some of the other “college experiences” we get here, and I don’t hear anyone complaining about those.

  11. Kelly

    Maybe the reason why no one is complaining about the other “college experiences” is because the students don’t know how much they cost. Maybe we need to rethink how we are spending the money all together. Sure shows, concerts, and logos are great, but at what cost to the student? And by the way, even though the SGA wanted this, I am pretty sure that the college had to approve it.