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The Blue & Gray Press | October 18, 2018

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LETTER: New Kappa Sigma fraternity looking for School recognition and members

Dear Editor,

You may have heard about the new fraternity on campus, Kappa Sigma. We founded the organization over winter break, and we are currently recruiting to start a colony (as of now we are a nationally recognized interest group). Our ultimate goal is not to be another underground fraternity, but to be officially recognized by the university.

We want to start a new tradition of brotherhood here along with Psi Upsilon. In the pursuit of this goal we have been speaking to administrators, including President Hurley, about the possibility of changing the structure of student activities to allow for Greek-letter organizations, which once were prosperous on campus until the university became co-educational.

This effort has been met with resistance and hesitation, but the student voice should be the deciding factor in this discussion. Over 100 students currently participate in Greek-letter social organizations on campus and many more would if it was available.

The commitment to academics and brotherhood that is gained from being part of a fraternity is unmatched in other student-run clubs.
While Greek life is not for everyone, a school that forbids it is depriving the students of the opportunity to choose. It is time for Mary Washington to embrace Greek Life and allow its students to grow and to reach their full potential.

If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact us at

James Sennett,
Acting-Grand Procurator


  1. Cassandra

    One of the reasons that I elected to go to Mary Washington was because there was no Greek life. That was my choice. An individual who is interested in such organizations should select another college or university if it’s that’s important to them.

  2. Wilberto

    If you really wanted to be in a frat, you should have gone to another school. There are already enough exclusive groups on campus, why do we need any more of them?

    Personally, I can’t imagine any positive outcome of opening up UMW to “Greek-life”.

  3. Justin

    Though I am apprehensive about the presence of Greek life on campus, I applaud your efforts to bring about something you believe in. I personally feel that Greek can only add to the college experience of those who choose to participate.

    I’m confused by Wilberto’s comment about the exclusive nature of the campus as is, the University is almost over-the-top in its inclusiveness (i.e. banning Frats)

    Above all else, when Greek life comes to UMW it will always be a choice to participate or not. I wouldn’t worry too much.

  4. Ben

    Justin, I’m confused by the contradiction you express in your first two sentences. How are you “apprehensive” while at the same time are willing to maintain that “Greek can only add to the college experience of those who choose to participate”? It sounds like you’re trying to play a line here.

    But yeah, part of the reason I came to UMW was that there wasn’t any greek life. If you want to be in a frat, maybe you should have chosen another school. Transfer is still an option for you. It’s not like your parties won’t be busted in the first five minutes anyway, thanks to the good ol’ Fredericksburg po-po.

  5. Sad and Lonely

    Maybe if we get a Greek life, attractive boys will decide to come to our school.

  6. Tim

    Part of the Mary Washington experience is being able to make the college experience what you want it. If you dont want to participate in a fraternity thats great! if you do thats also great. Make the university experience what you want it to be. I dont see any way that the establishment of a fraternity would tred on any one that does not want to participate. a fraternity is doing thousands of hours of community service every year and donating money to wonderful causes.

  7. Arnold

    I would argue that Students Helping Honduras is basically a fraternity. Complete with toga parties and exclusivity for its members.

  8. Krista

    My little brother goes to UMW and selected the school primary due to its academics. I am currently in a sorority at my school and it has done nothing but get me even more involved with my University. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than independents do and with the minimum number of service hours, leadership positions, and academic study hours that need to be completed we excel higher than independents. Not to mention, going Greek serves as an amazing networking tool not only merely at your schools chapter but you have your whole national organization. It’s amazing what being Greek will do. Besides, no one forces you to join. So I don’t understand why people will be opposed. If alcohol is an issue, all national sororities are completely dry. For fraternities, maybe offer colonies to nationally dry houses such as Phi Delta Theta, Phi Gamma Delta, and Theta Chi.

  9. Brad Brarfrar

    Please don’t UVA my UMW.

  10. Wait….the sorority does things?

  11. 2010 alum

    Theta Chi a dry house? OX is about as dry as Mason was a dry dorm.

  12. UMW Parent

    As a parent of a freshman attending the UMW, I find it disconcerting that a university and student body who prides it’s self on offering a diverse, open and inclusive educational experience for all students would deny any student the opportunity to participate in Greek life, if the student so chooses. When I read comments of students telling others to “go find another school if you want Greek Life” I gringe…Don’t those statements go against the philosophy of the university and it’s inclusive nature?
    There are many positive attributes Greek life can bestow on the university and the student body at large, but to deny it’s very existence to those who would choose to participate is racially biased and a flawed university policy that should be changed. It’s as wrong to deny a group of same sex individuals the right to choose to form a band of brotherhood or sisterhood, as it would be to deny LBGT groups to exist and function opening on campus. If the student body, faculty and the university truely want to practice what they preach, they need to include Greek life as one of it’s many university offerings.

  13. No worries – there’s a change coming on campus that is going to begin to allow greek life to a certain degree. There has been some concerns raised on both sides, and a survey will be going out to students in regard to this topic and feedback has been good. A lot of the students enjoy Kappa Sigma and they have a very good reputation at the moment. Trust me… I’m a doctor.

  14. Myself

    Are you implying that I am not attractive Ms or Mr sad and lonely?