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The Blue & Gray Press | August 21, 2019

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Don’t miss out on housing selection


Housing contracts have been signed, lottery numbers have been awarded and beginning March 16, general housing selection for residential students will start for the 2011-2012 school year.

On-campus housing is a popular option for students looking for a place to live in Fredericksburg. Nearly 65 percent of the 4,000 undergraduate students at the university choose to live on campus, according to the UMW website.

With so many students in search of residency on campus, it is important to understand the facts involved with the housing selection process, especially since there have been many recent changes in the last few years.

Tiffany Harris, area coordinator of the buildings located in Ball Circle, knows all-too-well the housing misconceptions students face.

“I strongly recommend that students communicate with our office prior to a particular deadline to avoid situations where they are rushing around campus the day of the deadline trying to submit any necessary documents,” said Harris.

In addition to keeping in contact with the Residence Life Office, Harris also recommended for students to keep up to date with the Residence Life website in order to remain informed about the procedures involved in housing selection.

Up and coming housing options have also caused a stir around the UMW campus.

The opening of Eagle Landing provided students with a different option in campus housing and the renovations being made to both Mason and Randolph halls will also give students something new to choose from, if they’ve grown tired of traditional dormitory life.

Christine Porter, director of Residence Life, is excited for the ongoing changes in the revamped dorms. Porter said the renovations will be complete and the dorms will be ready to live in by fall 2012.

“It’s really an amazing project,” said Porter. “We’re completely gutting the insides and putting in AC and elevators.”

These additions are not the only changes being made behind the temporary wooden blockades that surround the construction area.

“We’re reclaiming the space that wasn’t used,” said Porter.

According to Porter, the balconies that were once off-limits to residing students will soon be glassed in as a way to offer extra space.

Also, the barrier of the infamous “tunnel” that seals off Mason dorm from Randolph below ground will be removed, allowing students to travel from one dorm to the other without ever having to walk outside.

“We’re calling it ‘The Connection,’” said Porter.

As previously stated by Tiffany Harris, UMW students are encouraged to keep up to date with housing renovations, procedures and policies by checking the Office of Residence Life website and by asking the office’s professional staff members and supervisors for information.