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The Blue & Gray Press | August 24, 2019

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Cooking corner: pop-tarts toaster pastries

Snack-time is the one meal per day for which I really go out of my way. In fact when the clock strikes four most days, I realize I haven’t eaten at all; it’s time for a snack.

I’ll sacrifice punctuality, hygiene, anything for that ever-important can of Natural Ice and something to stifle my impatient stomach.

Some people like granola bars, trail mix or grapes, but I really feel like the two most important things every snack-time needs are a good dose of natural flavoring and 330 mg of sodium. Keeping that in mind, pop-tarts toaster pastries are my go-to snack.

The first four pop-tart flavors were introduced in 1964, but the delectable toaster treat now comes in 30 flavors. My favorite thing about pop-tarts is the variety. No matter what you’re in the mood for, there’s a pop-tart for you.

I usually stick with the fruit flavors, such as frosted cherry, which I am snacking on today, though sometimes I like to mix it up with brown sugar cinnamon or s’mores.

Don’t fret if you’re on a diet—many flavors are available in unfrosted and low-fat varieties. You could also cut your portion in half by sharing with a friend, since there are two pastries in each pouch.

Today I shared my snack with Bullet sports editor Zach Moretti who said, “Pop-tarts taste good.”

If you like things that taste good, make pop-tarts for your next snack. They really are a great source of seven vitamins and minerals and are great warm or cold. They’re perfect for anyone enjoying snack-time on the go!


1 pop-tarts toaster pastry pouch, any flavor (I used cherry)


1.Remove pastry from pouch.
2. Put pastry in toaster.
3. Wait for pastry to be finished toasting.
4. Let pastry cool briefly before handling—if your pop-tart gets too hot, the frosting and filling can cause burns. Ouch!
5. Enjoy!


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