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The Blue & Gray Press | August 22, 2019

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LETTER: Humor in Anderson Center article lacked taste, respect

Dear Editor,

I am extremely disturbed by the tasteless article and picture titled “Bullshit Exclusive: BOV votes to raze the Anderson Center in the most recent edition of the Bullet. First of all the language is disturbing and classless, and you are making fun of our Athletic Director who has worked countless hours to build this addition to our campus!

It is disrespectful and downright embarrassing. As a member of the Athletic Department I take offense to this article and picture.

This is not funny and in a time when potential incoming freshmen and their families are on our campus and picking up Bullets to read – this is the impression we are printing. Shame on you!

Dana Hall
Associate Professor and Assistant Athletic Director


  1. Luca

    My feelings were also hurt by this article. I didn’t write a guest editorial like Ms. Hall did because I find electronic mail difficult and a little scary, but I would like to register my displeasure as well. This article was offensive to not only the athletic department, but also those who have competed in athletics at UMW, those who have viewed athletics at UMW, Athletic Director Ed Hegmann (yes, that’s right, there are TWO n’s in his name Bullet tag writer), and to the namesake of the Anderson Center: Sir Anderson Cooper himself.