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The Blue & Gray Press | August 24, 2019

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Letter to the Editor: Protect Student Health Care


As graduating seniors at the University of Mary Washington, we call upon our fellow graduating (and future graduating) peers to step up and support the Affordable Care Act.  As we move out of our undergraduate student status and into pursuing higher education or going job hunting, we face the reality of a weakened economy and the fear of losing our newly granted and revised health care opportunities.

As of now “Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans” have been set up to provide insurance to nearly 16 percent of uninsured young adults with a pre-existing condition. By 2014 the Affordable Care Act will prohibit insurers from refusing coverage to those that are sick or have a previous condition. Health care should work for people, not against them—especially those whose are sick and need it most.

Health and wellness should be a right not a privilege. From a student perspective it seems backwards that Governor Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli want to block an act that will help students after college while they are paying off debts and student loans and for students who chose to continue their education to become doctors, lawyers, social workers and a myriad of other jobs. In our opinion, staying on parental health insurance until we are 26 years old is relieving when facing our futures and striving for success.

Providing a continuous, affordable health care plan for students is an investing for our nation’s future.  As young people, we are the future. So keep us healthy!


  1. Wendy Alderman, RN

    This article clearly defines the mentality of the “Generation Y Me” who expect the Keynesian revolution to continue until the United States ends up bankrupt. Why do so many college graduates postpone adulthood and continue in a stage of self-indulgence? The Affordable Healthcare Act will cost everyone who pays taxes and who buys healthcare insurance. This Act is designed to enable those adult children to postpone maturity. Why should college graduates have to worry about healthcare when they can boomerang back into their parents house and their every need can be met by their parents and the government. What a strange generation with a large sense of entitlement.

    It is ashame that some Americans expect the governemnt to do so such much for them while the government generates record deficits and spends recklessly. Many people expect healthcare, when the government already provides handouts to people who need food, housing (public housing and via TARP), cars (Cash for Clunkers) healthcare (Medicare & Medicaid) retirement (Social Security)and other entitlement programs.

    In the words of Thomas Jefferson the role of the government is “A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvements, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.”

    Stop trying to take bread out of my mouth to provide your healthcare. I have been taxed enough already and am tired of paying for freeloaders. There are too many people who are demanding assistance who do not pay taxes.

    The government has created such a burden on the healthcare system through taxes and regulation that costs have risen dramatically. The federal and in some instances state governments have impeded economic progress of the healthcare industry. Look at the District of Columbia as it recently increased the hospital bed tax. The hospital is taxed on every patient, why would the DC government want to drive up healthcare costs? This represents a senseless tax in The Great Recession and creates price distortions regarding the cost of healthcare.

    “Government slows economic progress when it becomes heavily involved in trying to help some people at the expense of others.” (Ten Elements of Clear Thinking About Economic Progress and the Role of Government. Common Sense Economics, Gwartney, J., Stroup, R. & Lee, D.)

    The Affordable Healthcare Act promotes the perpetual childhood phenomenon and drives up healthcare costs.
    Wendy Alderman, RN

  2. english degree

    a lack of jobs means graduating and then being uninsured for many kids. that rant inspired me to go to grad school so i can stay on my parent’s health care.

  3. Productive Member of Society

    Maybe if you didn’t waste all your college years partying and instead spent that time obtaining valuable skills (disclaimer: these are not taught in college) you wouldn’t have to complain about not having health insurance due to unemployment.

    Health and wellness is your own personal responsibility, not a “right” that is given to you by the government. At our young age physical fitness and proper nutrition is about 80% of staying healthy. Take care of yourself properly and you won’t desperately need “health care”. Life is hard, and the world does not owe you anything.

  4. Deserve Liberty

    If your parents are so eager to pay the bill for your medical maintenance until you are middle-aged, regardless of your chosen “lifestyle” and career marketability, then perhaps they should pay real money out of their pockets for your healthcare or health insurance coverage – because, amazingly, someone must pay the bill. Your parents, and all of the preceding generation have already been catering to your every need since before the day you were born. Isn’t it time for you to grow up, stop whining for handouts, make a life for yourselves, and discard the Obama talking points? The designed purpose of our government is to protect our basic natural rights, not to design government granted “rights” that obligate the rest of us to pay for your upkeep.

    It may come as a surprise to some college students that your entry into this thing called “life” actually comes with some real risks. Some of those risks can be partially mitigated as a result of your endeavoring to become a productive member of a vibrant, integrated, freedom-oriented society. So, chose your path wisely – as if your own personal well-being is the sole responsibility of YOU! – and not based on the government confiscation of someone else’s produce to be “justly” redistributed to you.

    Get a clue, help throw the socialists out of office so that you will have a chance at self-earned prosperity some time in your lifetime.

    It is a pure shame that college is now demonstrated to be merely something that a young person does before going “job hunting” or before “pursuing higher education.” The last thing we need is yet another generation of “grad students” continuing on the government dole, learning even more leftist theory crap that has been proven an abysmal failure in the real world, over and over again.

    When I graduated from college, several decades ago, having achieved a significant threshold of higher education, I was proud to be on my own, no longer a drain on my parents and the preceding generation. I knew there were risks and challenges ahead, but I was eager to PAY MY OWN BILLS AND MAKE MY OWN WAY IN LIFE!

  5. Luca Toni

    LOL @ the Baby Boomers who voted themselves ridiculous benefits 40 years ago, refused to pay higher taxes to pay for those benefits during the Reagan years, scream about cutting Social Security/Medicare benefits in 2000, and in 2010 blame young people and Obama for the fact that we’re having financial problems.

    Person who graduated college several decades ago: you’re currently a drain on me and my generation who have to pay for your Medicare, your Social Security, and any number of other benefits you feel you’re entitled to. Discard the AARP talking points and I’ll make you a deal: I’ll stop asking for redistributive benefits if you do. Let’s see who can go without government benefits longer without going bankrupt. How’s that sound?

  6. Luca Toni

    BTW: if you’re opposed to “redistributive” benefits, then let’s all agree to raise the Social Security age to the age of 80. That’ll save the nation a ton of money. Let’s have you invest in private health care rather than taking advantage of Medicare. That’ll save the nation a ton of money too.

    “Blah blah blah socialist Obama leftist theory education is bad.” I get it. Your generation has acted as parasites on this nation for decades, and now that you’re nearing the end of your life you’re all of a sudden outraged at young people who just want to take advantage of the programs you have benefited from your entire life.

    You can stop paying for my upkeep the minute I can stop paying for yours. And I’d be happy to do it. Otherwise, honor the ridiculous redistributive benefits that your generation has taken/is currently taking advantage of for me or get over yourself.

  7. Deserve Liberty

    Luca Toni, I’m exactly with you! Let’s scrap the socialist state that was put in place by FDR. You didn’t vote for it and neither did I! I have been all about individual responsibility all along. You pay your bills and I will pay mine. Too bad that you may have been hood-winked into the generational warfare sham. It is just another form of tribalism instigated by the Left.