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The Blue & Gray Press | August 22, 2019

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Outbursts of Protest Disrupt Cuccinelli Speech

Outbursts of Protest Disrupt Cuccinelli Speech


A group of vocal protestors welcomed Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli when he spoke for Constitution Day in front of students and faculty in Jepson Science Center on Saturday, Sept. 17.

Will Spaulding, chair of the Legislative Action Committee and organizer of the event, introduced Cuccinelli, stating the purpose of the day was to, “recognize the signing of the U.S. Constitution.”

The majority of people in the room were protestors, leaving Spaulding to occasionally step in to advise attendees to, “keep it civil.”

Before Cuccinelli began to speak, protestors in the halls of Jepson began chanting, “You fail.”

Cuccinelli acknowledged the protestors, saying,“[We] already heard from the first amendment.”

Throughout Cuccinelli’s speech, the protestors trickled into the lecture hall holding posters with slogans such as, “I stand with Planned Parenthood, “Global Warming is For Real” and “Cuccinelli, You Fail.”

However, Cuccinelli spoke through most of the interruptions.

The question-and-answer period of the day was the most heated portion of Cuccinelli’s hour-long appearance.

The questions and statements made to Cuccinelli included cost of the health care appeal, the issue of carbon dioxide gas, abortion and the controversial 2010 letter to Virginia universities requesting they rescind non-discrimination policies towards sexual orientation.

Senior Anna Halbrooks stood up when it was her turn to speak and noted students were looking forward to Cuccinelli coming to the university because they were “itching to share” their issues with his policies.

Halbrooks referenced the letter to Virginia universities and said, “Bigotry will not be tolerated [on our campus].”

The protest organizer, senior Evan McLaughlin, was clear that he and the rest of the student protestors wanted to “take every chance to make as much noise as possible.” The message “You fail” was their attempt to pressure Cuccinelli as much as they could.

Some attendees of the event were not happy with the behavior of the protestors.

Erica Gouse, chairman of the College Republicans, said that she was upset with the actions of some of the students.

“There could have been better ways to get their message across,” Gouse said.

She added that overall she was impressed with Cuccinelli’s discussion of how state funding works and the health care bill.

In his speech, Cuccinelli first discussed the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

He stressed that in order for the division of power between federal and state governments to exist, state government must “push back,” and “create a tension.”

Cuccinelli stated that he believes that the federal government is exercising an “unprecedented excess of power,” especially with health care, and wants to appeal the healthcare mandate, stating that the federal government may not use the Commerce Clause to “order people to buy a product,” which in this case is health care.

He added that the government could easily replace health care with the requirement to purchase “gym memberships,” or “asparagus.”

Cuccinelli went on to discuss how the general assembly sued the Environmental Protection Agency over the endangerment finding of carbon dioxide gas.

“What is critical for me as an attorney general is this particular endangerment in violation of the law,” Cuccinelli said. “They delegated their research authorities through the UN to the [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change]…what these folks did was clearly manipulative, clearly left the realm of objective science and that they clearly deleted data that was adverse to the conclusion.”

Cuccinelli ended his speech by stating, “more taxes, more spending, and more regulation,” increase government power.

He also said that, “State attorney generals become the last line of defense [when the federal government crosses the line].”

President Rick Hurley said he was “proud of the way [students] comported themselves” and it was “a good day for the University.”

Dean of Student Life Cedric Rucker also noted that this was “the most visible Constitution Day.”

Spaulding agreed that it was the “most interesting, involved crowd.”

Cuccinelli was unavailable for contact.

 Photo by Lukas Pfäffle


  1. Mary Weaver Mann '71

    Again, I must note that since the general public was NOT notified of the time and place of this event, even in the Bullet “article” announcing it beforehand,
    In fact, even the college police did not know the location or time (as of 10 am Saturday morning when I called to try to find out,) no one in AGREEMENT with the AG, (and there are many,) was able to attend.
    Indeed, in an effort to keep visitors from seeing such “indelicate”signs as are in the photo above, it was moved, and even the AG was left wondering where he was to speak.
    Since President Hurley is so “proud” of the students,
    why did they have to move them from view of potential students and their parents who were visiting that day?
    The majority of the country now knows that abortion stops a beating heart, another HUMAN being, even in a first trimester abortion, and they do not want to be complicit to murder, or have their tax money spent brutally killing 1.3 million citizens of the US each year.
    Also, look up the brilliant scientific testimony of Lord Christopher Monckton at Oxford, refuting those who believe in “manmade global warning,” unless your minds are so closed as to refuse to spend 9 minutes to hear the other side of the case.

  2. Graham

    Regina I completely respect you as a writer and I greatly appreciate you reporting on this important event at our University. Although, I believe this article does not give the protesters side of the story and lacks any true explanation of the opinions of those individuals. I think an interview with one of the protesters explaining their reasoning behind protesting would have allowed this article to be a more informative investigation of the protest. From my understanding of the protest, protesters were angered by Cuccinelli’s stance on a number of issues and were not just there to interrupt him. Including one comment by the president of the College Republicans leads the reader to believe this article is more biased then you probably meant it to be.

  3. Mary Weaver Mann

    I have very good reason to believe that the President was misquoted, and think you should follow up to “complete” (even, “correct”) your “news story,” if you have any inkling of being a true journalist and not an opinion-giver. After all, it is listed as “news.”

  4. Melinda Albrycht

    Very Well Spoken Mary. There are students here at UMW that support Our Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. I find it insulting in the intellegience level of Students here to welcome a guest to the campus with such rudeness. Regardless of your stand on politics, this type of rudeness looks bad on the University.

  5. Arnold

    There were more quotes from protesters than there were from CR’s.

    But I agree with your general thought, and the way that liberals are discriminated against at UMW makes me upset as well. When will we organize a protest against the Bullet? Perhaps organizing a forum with Media Expert Steven Farnsworth about bias in college media and freedom of speech?

  6. len ornstein

    I no longer live in VA, so I can’t speak to the politics of the current AG of the Commonwealth. But in general, why would you interupt anyone’s speech? What is the point? Ironically on Constitution Day. If this guys politics and views are so wrong, again I don’t know, just don’t go. I tend to be more Conservative, but I don’t show up at liberal events and interupt them.

  7. Alex Valencia

    I think the actions of the protestors are appropriate considering what the AG decided to speak about.

    If Cucch thinks he can defend his policies by hashing out the same tired and debunked republican talking points, he can expect to have his BS called out.

    To not do so under the pretense of “respect” would be tacitly dignifying the AG’s hateful rhetoric.

    “yeah, you go ahead and speak uninterrupted, mr cucch. we’ll pretend that your attempt at encouraging discrimination against GLBT students and faculty is a respectable policy position for which we disagree with you.”

    Instead, UMW students called Cucch out for being a hateful, intolerant person.

    Newsflash Cucch: Next time you try to come to UMW to make a publicity stunt or some other form of verbal defecation, expect to be paid back in kind, courtesy of the UMW student body.

  8. Arnold

    Asking him pointed, even somewhat confrontational questions is great. Holding up signs talking about your “coochie” is another. Yelling “you fail” comes closer to the coochie sign than it does to the first.

    Quite frankly, I expect better out of UMW students. I’d expect the latter two out of a Jerry Springer audience, not the politically active, intelligent students that I used to know at UMW.

  9. D. Smith

    The problem with the current AG is that he is not representing all the people of his State that he was elected to represent. He and Eric Cantor both avoid anyone that do not agree with their agenda or policies. They have their own agenda and the only way it seems anyone can get attention to what they are doing and who their agenda effects is protest. He considers the federal government the boogey man but doesn’t listen to people in his own state from his position of power. I fear him more than the federal government. Thank you to the students who are standing up…Both sides!! That’s democracy. Don’t stop at protest…find solutions that benefit us all.

  10. Lindley Estes

    Mary Weaver Mann,

    Please email us a if you feel there is an error in the article.

  11. Junie

    Congrats to UMW students who appreciate that if you do not use your first amendment rights, you lose them. I was very heartened to read the witty and wise comments of the protestors who stood up for their rights. Good going. There is a huge proportion of the populace that love to see such critical thinking in younger people. Oh, and guns, wars, and the death penalty stop a beating heart, too, as does a lack of health care and no food.

  12. krystal kegley

    abortion is murder in the 1st degree..i hope the protestors have all thanked their moms for making th e”choice” to not terminate them

  13. beth

    It really makes me sad that people can be so rude and disrespectful. 🙁 Regardless of my political views, I would never disrespect someone like that. There are plenty of political events I have been to where I would’ve loved to have stood on my chair and yelled at the man, or maybe held up (somewhat vulgar…) signs…. but I think I have more class than that, and I would’ve hoped I could say that for all UMW students. I love debate, and I love when people disagree, and I’d definitely be the first in line to question someone’s actions. It’s the beauty of living in America… but, I can’t stand when people are so extreme in their viewpoints that they belittle others and rudely call our ATTORNEY GENERAL names and literally yell at him. By all means, get your point across… but, to quote McCarthy V. Welch… “have you no decency?”

    Now, try and guess my political stance… I bet you’re wrong. But you didn’t see me out there disrespecting our elected official no matter how much I disagreed.

  14. “abortion is murder in the 1st degree..i hope the protestors have all thanked their moms for making th e’choice’ to not terminate them”

    It sounds like you would enjoy the pro-life club on campus writing offensive slogans on campus right before a Discovery Day where incoming students get to see how the campus is.

    And what right do you have to say that? Using the typical response, what if the woman was raped? Should she keep the baby? From a more cynical route, what in the hell does it have to do with you what someone is doing with their life a thousand miles away?

    If you’re pulling religion into your argument, then what would your god want you to do? Tell them? That’s understandable. Harass them? Ehhhh, I think not. Their decisions are not going to affect your route to hell or heaven.

    If you want to pull politics in, then so what if money is being directed towards abortion clinics? Instead of arguing about those, why not pull up a stance on corruption and the better allocation of funds. There are countless amounts of fickle spending programs happening around the country that are taking more money than those clinics.

    Historical? Abortions have been happening since the dawn of man, be it purposeful or not.

    Ethical? What is ethical or not? It’s all a matter of perception, and people have different views on what is right or wrong. Plus, life is full of hypocrisies. You say you want freedom of choice, but you then put limits on them? It’s an all or nothing road, babe, whether you believe it or not 😉

    And then there’s hypothetical conclusions. Hypothetically, the world will be, or is, overpopulated. Soon, there will probably be mass starvation or deaths of any other variety. Soon as in decades to centuries from now, but it still will happen. What will you say then?

    Our best bet? Listen to Johnathan Swift and his essay on what must be done. I’m sure you will take it very literally, which is fine by me. Your choices, views, and opinions have no say on my life, nor will they dictate on how I will have children (or not).

    ”I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled …”

    Good evening, ma’am.

  15. krystal kegley

    @ fleur
    i wouldnt condone offense slogan no mater what the argument whether it be “cucci lay off my coochie” or a hateful prolife poster. saying i hope theyve thanked their moms for not terminating them is not offensive, simply making one wonder what may have happened if THEIR mom had chosen abortion.

    “And what right do you have to say that?” i have the 1st admendment right. “Using the typical response, what if the woman was raped?” if i were raped, id carry the baby and if i really were unable in whatever capacity to care for him/her id adopt him or her out. ” From a more cynical route, what in the hell does it have to do with you what someone is doing with their life a thousand miles away?” it has to do with me because the new health care plan as it is currently written, uses tax dollars to fund abortion. as a full time employee, id be paying into that and i dont agree with it.

    “If you’re pulling religion into your argument, then what would your god want you to do?” God is a God of love. Did you know He commands His followers to love God and love others and says this is the GREATEST commandment. with that said, God is broken hearted when abortion is chosen. not just for the baby, but for the woman as well. i personally know people who have chosen abortion and wept not only for the child but for the girl. its heartbreaking. I dont condemn any woman who chooses abortion, i mourn with them and so does He. abortion is just like any other sin or poor choice and we all make them at some point. ” Their decisions are not going to affect your route to hell or heaven” your right no ones decisions will affect my path after this life. in reality, good choice and bad choices dont affect ANYONES route to heaven or hell. heaven isnt earned through good choices, or good works, but through the blood of Christ. having an abortion doesnt keep anyone out of heaven, but i will affect them here on earth..why WOULDNT i be concerned about that? about someone else making a mistake that may torment them the rest of their lives? of course id do what i could to prevent that.

    “If you want to pull politics in, then so what if money is being directed towards abortion clinics? Instead of arguing about those, why not pull up a stance on corruption and the better allocation of funds.” why cant i do both? just because you feel abortion isnt a big deal, doesnt mean i have to feel the same nor does it make wrong that i do. of course i wouldnt want to fund something i believe is wrong. “There are countless amounts of fickle spending programs happening around the country that are taking more money than those clinics.”-agreed.

    “Historical? Abortions have been happening since the dawn of man, be it purposeful or not.” i dont understand what this is supposed to clarify. slavery is historical also but that doesnt make it right. are you saying that just because its always existed that its acceptable? corruption, murder and torture are all examples of things that have also been happening since the beginning of time but that doesnt make them right.

    “Ethical? What is ethical or not? It’s all a matter of perception, and people have different views on what is right or wrong”. lets say theres a river between us. youre on the end where the water pours over the edge, so your staring at a beautiful waterfall. im at the back end of it so all i see is a calm, steady river. our views of the body of water are vastly different. but just because i dont see the waterfall from where im standing, does that mean it doesnt exist? of course not. different views or not, there is still reality. should you just accept my view when i tell you there is no waterfall or would you be inclined to accept the reality that there truely is and im just not seeing it?:” Plus, life is full of hypocrisies.” -agreed. “You say you want freedom of choice, but you then put limits on them? It’s an all or nothing road, babe, whether you believe it or not” ok so does that mean i have the right to choose whether or not i want to steal your car or purse? or how about if we just go ahead and have the right to choose to shoot those we dont agree with. it is all or nothing right? and i think you mention somewhere about being overpopulated soon so why should it be wrong to shoot people if we want?

    “And then there’s hypothetical conclusions. Hypothetically, the world will be, or is, overpopulated. Soon, there will probably be mass starvation or deaths of any other variety. Soon as in decades to centuries from now, but it still will happen. What will you say then?” um dont have sex if you dont want to reproduce? or is that too logical? this is actually really funny are you saying that overpopulation and an inevitable mass starvation sould make ok to abort babies? lol hmm. isnt that what we do with deer?

    im 27 years old with much life experience. i work full time as a director running a before and after program in ashland elementary school. ive lived on my own in the real world, seen alot and experienced alot. im a single mother (by unplanned, unexpected, and to be frank unwanted pregnancy.) i took responsibility for my actions though and had my baby. i didnt run from or try to hide from the consequences of sex. i stood as woman in all my uncertainty, fear, and doubt and am handling my responsibilities. its extremely difficult getting up at 330 every morning to go to work then school then back work then pick my son up and head home to tend to him. but i do it. i dont think the choice lies in what to do after one is pregnant. i think it lies in choosing whether or not one should participate in actions which may result in pregnancy. in other words, if you dont want, or are just not ready for a kid, then CHOOSE not to have sex. so yes ive been there, done that and have the greatest blessing i could ever ask for. my son is everything i never knew i wanted. if i came across abrasive with my 1st comment, forgive me. i surely didnt mean to. i had so many people telling me i had a “choice” when i became pregnant. it deeply saddened me and my heart genuinely breaks for those who choose it. not just for that precious life inside of them, but for the life of the woman who chooses it. i mean it when i say i have wept for women i know whove made this choice. just this past summer. there IS right and wrong, moral and immoral. and there is a God who loves us ALL…imperfections included, abortions or not. well its wednesday, hump day. i appreciate the convo and wish you well. maybe we will run into each other on campus. take care 🙂

  16. krystal kegley

    the irony in pro choice protestors is overwhelming to me…the only reason they have the ability to protest pro life, is because thier mothers were advocates…the irony is stunning

  17. I’m not religious, so this response is more or less TL;DR. Once I take some time to get through the mumbo jumbo, you might not like what you see in response. BRB, YO!

  18. Justine

    FYI @ Krystal, I wouldn’t have been BORN had my mother not gotten an abortion. Does that mean you rather not have ME alive because of this? Now that is truly stunning irony. That’s the thing about pro-choice, you see. IT WORKS BOTH WAYS.

  19. Justine

    but YES!, i absolutely agree that the issue lies in having sex without considering the consequences. but should an unplanned pregnancy arise, like in your case and my mother’s, it is up to the woman to decide what to do, and it doesn’t matter what other people think, or tell you what “choices” you have. But in cases like this, when one may not have completely considered the consequences, no woman really knows what to do until the occasion arises. So my real point is, I don’t think I have the the right to judge women, whether they get an abortion or not, because I’m not them. If you are happy with what you have now, then that’s all that matters. I support your choice, and my mother’s.

  20. Jason

    On this issue of abortion, remember in 1973 when the supreme court ruled that women have a right to choose? Yeah, there goes your arguments against it. Just because you believe it doesn’t fit with your religion doesn’t mean we should legislate against it. Remember that whole ‘separation of church and state’ thing we have in this country? Yeah, that’s meant so we don’t legislate our religious beliefs and force them on others.

    Aren’t conservatives supposed to be against big government? Or is that just when it’s something the other side wants? Talk about irony…

  21. Gloria


  22. Coochie is a term of endearment. I would call my vagina that if I had one!

    I didn’t ask if you were raped, I asked if a woman was raped. And how can you know how you would react? Don’t answer, but were you raped? Did you know friends who were? Don’t think that just because you would react one way (hypothetically, at that), that it’s what everyone else would do.

    Money you’re paying into….you know how many other things you’re paying into that you don’t know about? Try and stop the government, too…lulz! If it’s fits the concept of Utilitarianism, then the individual belief doesn’t mean jack crap. Sorry if you don’t want it while most Americans do, say hello to your local, lovely neighborhood clinic.

    If there is no God or are no gods? Please, keep your religion out of this. It has no place in a conversation (I wouldn’t touch this with the word debate) in a student-run newspaper. I won’t quote you too much, but “. abortion is just like any other sin or poor choice and we all make them at some point.”….(increased pause for thinking time)…Are you insane?? Go to the bible and look at all of the other sins that a person can commit, both plausible and ridiculous. Use your religion as a moral compass rather than an end all, be all. You know why the bible uses the example of sheep and a Shepard? Because they follow blindly without questioning. I won’t go further into religion because this is neither the time nor place, but you (as do the other readers) get my point. Don’t try to force your mumbo jumbo down people’s throats unless they ask for it.

    If you can argue against clinics AND corruption, then why can’t people argue for their choice of abortion. Your beliefs don’t mean that I have to feel the same as you, nor does it make wrong that I can argue for pro-choice, or have/support abortions. Well, not have an abortion, since I have a penis. But oh well, you understand.

    Apples and oranges, m’love. You can’t compare abortions to slavery. And again, everything is a time-and-place thing. If a person willingly offers services, is that considered wrong? If a person kills a threat to society (i.e. a man attempting to murder your family at that moment), is that wrong? Corruption in the form of exchanging favors is a bad thing too (not for personal gain, of course – if a city is willing to exchange a surplus of X for another city’s surplus of Y immediately to save lives, is it wrong?)

    Your examples don’t help your case, either. If you say you see a calm river, then I can’t disagree. But if I say I see a waterfall, then you can’t disagree either. Now apply our conversation of pro-life and pro-choice. It’s circular logic. Your other examples make no sense whatsoever.

    People are animals, too….or do you not believe in evolution…I think I’ve seen a chart that says “less than 50% of Americans believe in evolution, and 95% of them are religious.” Therefore, hurr, I’m like a durr.

    I’m sorry about your personal struggles, and I can see where you’re coming from. But I too have my 1st amendment rights, so I will conclude with saying sex is great. Sex is awesome. It’s the bee’s knees! I’m glad it’s hump day, and I wish everyday was hump day! But if someone wants to have an abortion, or is pro-life, you can weep all you want. Just don’t take their time by telling them that their life choice is wrong. Then it breaches other people’s rights.

    I was an Irish Catholic once…


  24. krystal kegley

    @fleur….you brought up religion…among many other topics. i only took time to respond to what you addressed…i even quoted you and then responded. its not all about religion but yes it does refer to what you brought up. i guess im too old and not hip enough to know what tldr means…unless it was supposed to be tltr which may stand for too long to read?

    @justine…saying i believe abortion is killing an innocent baby and wrong (being that murder is a crime here in the us) is not equal to judging. im confused how my feelings that its not right= im judging. im simply making a statement..i believe its wrong is not the same as saying “all who participate in abortion are terrible and disgusting and should go to hell” now THAT is judging which i certainly didnt even come close to doing.

    @jason…so i should have no argument against it just because it was made legal? are you saying that you have no issue with something just because it becomes law? again you and fleur somehow got stuck on religion when there were like 7 points that she called me out on and i responded to all 7…the religion was 1 out of 7 and somehow you guys have only focused on that point and have twisted this into a strictly religious correlation. 1 she asked what right i had to say what i said 2 she brought up religion 3 was politics 4 was historical reference 5 was ethical and 6 was something about mass starvation and overpopulation. so excuse me there were only 6 points vs 7 and religion was 1 out of 6. yes conservatives are for smaller govnt. so in reference to roe vs. wade in 73, i dont believe govnt shouldve have interceded and decided it was womens right to choose; (which is contradictory to outlawing murder). yes i do understand seperation of church and state, but i dont consider murder to be a religious issue. its not about religion. we already have a law against murder or taking the life of another. so the issue lies in whether or not abortion is viewed as ending life (which it clearly is)..not about God or religion. even if i were an atheist, i wouldnt agree with taking human life. forcing everyone to worship Christ or face fines or imprisonment is legislating and forcing religious beliefs on others. which i agree should never be done. saying taking the life of another, born or unborn is wrong, is not legislating and forcing religious beliefs on others. again i dont understand why out of 6 points, religion was singled out, and i was only responding to fleur who brought it up. i also dont understand the hostile tone. thank you justine for at least being civil and refraining from hostility or defensive tone.

  25. krystal kegley

    “If you’re pulling religion into your argument, then what would your god want you to do?” <—this is what YOU asked ME so how can you then say …"If there is no God or are no gods? Please, keep your religion out of this." you ask me about God and then tell me to keep religion out of it lol i feel like im in the twighlight zone lol

  26. krystal kegley

    “Don’t try to force your mumbo jumbo down people’s throats unless they ask for it.” you DID ask for it lol
    “If you’re pulling religion into your argument, then what would your god want you to do?” <—-direct quote

  27. I’m not being hostile, my dear. Nor am I defensive. This is just lulzy. And I may have used question marks in my first post, but those were rhetorical uses. I answered them immediately after asking.

    I’m a man, damnit! Not a she! 😀

    A simple Google search will let you know what TL;DR means.

    I await your other responses, as my work for this night is finished.

    Only my unanswered questions were ones directed towards you. If you want me to, I can add a streamlined list to clear up any confusion.

  29. krystal kegley

    im not here to contest with negativity. your tone is poor. you clearly missed any points i made but thats ok. you do have the right to feel how you feel and i have mine. but that doesnt mean anyone needs to get degrading. ive remained respectful and havent spoken down to you or anyone on here. its funny how someone like me who i guess would fit the conservative description, can say how I feel about an issue, and all “open mindedness” goes out the window. i thought less conservatives who may be considered more liberal were all about open mindedness…yet IM the one being talked down to because of MY stance. i guess this ties into the poor behavior by the protestors on saturday. its unfortunate…i come in love.

  30. krystal kegley

    your tone is clearly negative and hostile. degrading references such as “babe” “dear” referring to how i respond to you as “mumbo jumbo”…”It’s an all or nothing road, babe, whether you believe it or not” yeah this is def condencending “whether you believe it or not”. “you can weep all you want”…these among others that i dont feel like copying, are def negative and definitely not constructive.

  31. krystal kegley

    i have no idea what lulzy is …again im just not hip enough. sorry for the she reference. thanks for the google suggestion but im just not cool enough to care. and i hope i didnt keep you waiting too long

  32. My tone is apathetic, not degrading. You came into this conversation with a semi-pretentious statement and the use of the 1st amendment to defend it. I only responded with what other campus students would have said (as can be seen by Jason and Justine); more or less the same.

    But if you’re willing to share an opinion, you had best be willing to defend it. Not everyone will share your opinion. Plus, this is the internet. We are the bad people.

    Did…did you just lump me in to the group that probably hasn’t even been on here yet? Ok. No biggie. I come in lulz. 🙂

  33. krystal kegley

    and no i dont believe in evolution…”Therefore, hurr, I’m like a durr.” oh another negative connotation you made…so does my disbelief in evolution have anything to do with anything or was it just another way for you degrade me or how i believe?

  34. It does. You made a reference about people being similar to deer, and I ran with it even though you were attempting to be sarcastic.

    Again, Google search is very handy even though you don’t want to use it. Being not up-to-date on things internet means that references that you think might be offensive are now in pop culture. I apologize if you thought that was offensive.

  35. krystal kegley

    i didnt defend it with 1st amendment i simply responded to you asking me ” what right do you have to say that?” i didnt dome in talking about my 1st amendment rights. you asked. justine was definitely civil which ive already stated. i came and im still here. but im not going to be talked down to by a 20 yr old. or anyone for that matter. “Did…did you just lump me in to the group that probably hasn’t even been on here yet? ” again im sorry but i dont know what you mean by this. i truely dont. so i cant respond cause i guess im too old to get it.

  36. krystal kegley

    relating to deer wasnt sarcastic…i was stating fact and giggled afterward. im definitely not offended at not being up to date with technology and hip new terms. i do use google and i agree with you it does come in handy when i need to search something im interested in.

  37. For your last section of that comment, it was in response to this: ” i guess this ties into the poor behavior by the protestors on saturday.”

  38. krystal kegley

    whether something be in pop culture as you put it or not, doesnt take away the fact that some may still be offended by it

  39. And regardless of what you believe in, the way you say it may still offend people.

  40. Yup

    don’t you have homework? jeez.

  41. nickolas

    I was waiting to go to luncch with a doctor fiend an OB-GYN. His nurse cme ou t the witing room and told me he had an emergency. A young women came in to the office having an abortion. The doctor could not stop the trauma and a 73 day old fetus was expelled. After awhile the nurse invited me into the lab in a jar all cleanned up was the fetus. It was a perfect little boy . Since it was many, many years ago I am guessing now he was about 4″ longbut he was a perfect boy. Since that time I am a very serious foe of abortion .

  42. That jar should have not been out to let anyone see….or in a jar whatsoever….or letting you into the office… Plus, an expectant mother who is 9 weeks pregnant has a fetus that is nowhere near completion nor four inches in size.
    “9 weeks – Baby: The embryo measures about 0.9 inches to 1.2 inches from crown to rump, or the size of a strawberry. The arms and legs are longer, and the fingers might be a little swollen where the touch pads are forming. The head is more erect and neck is more developed. Your baby now moves its body and limbs, and this movement can be visible during an ultrasound, but you won’t be able to feel it yet.”

    And homework? What in blazes is that?

  43. And 10 weeks: “Baby: Congratulations! Your baby is now officially called a “fetus.” It looks a little like a medium shrimp, measuring 1.25 to 1.68 inches from crown to rump, and weighing a little less than two-tenths of an ounce. You might be reassured to know that most physical malformations, when they occur, have occurred by the end of this week, so the most critical part of your baby’s development is safely behind you. But other developmental processes, such as those affecting behavior and intelligence, will continue throughout pregnancy. Eyes are covered by skin that will eventually split to form eyelids.”

    Again, I feel like we should all read Johnathan Swift! The author of this article I’m pulling pregnancy facts from sounds like she’s read Swift’s essay as well! Why else would she compare a baby to a shrimp?

  44. krystal kegley


  45. krystal kegley

    why shouldnt you be allowed to see reality…would it make it too real that abortion is actually taking the life of a baby? and yes 73 days is def 10.5 weeks and the baby isnt quite 4 in long then. he/she is quite small like fleur quoted. but im sure in a jar with liquid he/she may have been somewhat magnified and made to seem bigger to you visually. which actually makes it even more amazing. that a 10.5 wk old baby is so defined so early at just 1.25 in long.

  46. Mary

    This information should also open some eyes:

    The Mouse that Roars

    Back in May, a venerable Gallup poll revealed that most Americans think that over 20 percent of the population is homosexual. Only four percent believe-correctly–that homosexuals are less than five percent of the population (a leading homosexual researcher puts the figure at 1.7% homosexual and 1.8% bisexual). The percentage of those who are in long-term partnerships is even lower. The Census Bureau on Tuesday released updated estimates of the number of American households headed by same-sex couples. The bottom line? There aren’t many–only one in every 180 households. Maybe the new numbers will help leaders to realize that there’s no political gain in pandering to such a tiny population. Although the Census Bureau referred to some of those couples as “married”–in apparent violation of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (under which the federal government recognizes only opposite-sex marriages)–the data nevertheless reinforced a key argument against same-sex “marriage.” A paper based on the American Community Survey, whose findings were similar to the census count, found that even in the states which allow same-sex “marriage,” only 42% of the same-sex couples who lived together identified themselves as “married.” We need to restore marriage as the normative setting for sex, procreation, and childrearing–not redefine it for the benefit of a group that’s already rejected that norm.

  47. No, it just goes against doctor/patient confidentiality. Strictly against the medical code of ethics.

  48. And upon research, the fetus is incinerated upon removal because it becomes a biohazard waste. It is not available for transport due to that reason, nor would it be kept in a jar suspended in a liquid. The only time that would be the case is if it was used for scientific studies, which is not very likely if it was just at a clinic or an OB-GYN’s office.

  49. What’s marriage other than a word? If you care about someone, you should be able to marry them.

    “Maybe the new numbers will help leaders to realize that there’s no political gain in pandering to such a tiny population.” It isn’t a matter of pandering for political gain, it’s a matter of your political leaders being there for everyone. I may have spoken about Utilitarianism, and in this instance it holds true still. But what problems will a same-sex marriage present to society? What, that it goes against what someone thinks is moral?

    If a man wants to marry a woman, it’s ok. If a man wants to marry a man, then it isn’t? The same situation you present holds true, where men and women will be together on occasions, but don’t want to be married (regardless if they stay together til death). Why not just remove the word ‘marriage’ completely and get rid of that whole argument.

    America: Land of the Brave, Home of the Free, and where people attempt to limit the brave of their freedoms.

  50. Meg

    @krystal kegley, I think you would’ve loved the anti-abortion/pro-life protest held on the UMW campus back in Fall 2007 and the pro-choice counter-protest by UMW students. Then you could truly see how corrupt, liberal, and “disrespectful” UMW students can be–this protest appears incredibly boring compared to that one.

    The students protesting AG were, as far as I’m concerned, simply using their first-amendment rights. It was disrespectful, but their prerogative. I didn’t go to the talk/protest; did KC even mention abortions in his speech directly or was that brought into the discussion by protesters?

  51. krystal kegley

    @meg…i dont like anything disrespectful or negative regardless of what its supposed to argue for or against. and i dont know what he spoke of being as i wasnt there either. i know protesters brought it up

  52. Since this is a place of learning, please avail yourselves of some science that seems missing in this discussion:

    Here is a video, including 4-D, of the entire prenatal development of a human being. Judge for yourselves.

    And here is some information about what really happens to aborted baby body parts, shown on ABC’s 20/20.

  53. Delicious chicken wings?

  54. krystal kegley

    he who has ears to hear, let him hear

  55. They who have ears to hear, let them hear.

    This way it’s more politically correct. 🙂