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The Blue & Gray Press | August 22, 2019

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Online Exclusive – Ryan Gosling's Oscar-Worthy Abs


“And the Oscars goes to… (insert actor/actress’ name here).” Let’s face it, these days sometimes it’s not the acting that gets a performer noticed: it’s the body, and Ryan Goslings Abs are making him millions. It’s rare that you find an actor that can actually act and also has a body that single handily deserves an Oscar.

If you saw “Crazy Stupid Love,” the fantastic romantic comedy released this past summer, you know that it wasn’t just the superb acting or star studded cast that caused millions to go see it, but might have also been the fact that half of the movie featured Ryan Gosling beautifully tailored body in a beautifully tailored suit that in the best way (why did three piece suits ever go out of style guys?). Add to that the fact that the other half of the movie featured Ryan Gosling shedding his suit to unveil those mouthwatering eight pack abs on a wide screen. It was hot. And it made the price of a movie ticket well worth it.

If you go to Google and type in “Ryan Gosling workout” countless sites pop up, some including videos and workout plans that he supposedly did in order to get those gorgeous abs. If you type in “Ryan Gosling Abs” you get a plethora of articles on whether or not they are in fact real or if they were photoshopped. Have faith ladies and gentlemen: they are 100% real, even if Gosling himself did joke in an Access Hollywood interview that they are photoshopped, saying, “James Cameron Ab-atared them in.” All I can say is thank you Ryan Gosling, first for that amazing kiss in “The Notebook” and now for your abs. Is anyone else yearning to see that glistening, flesh washboard get an Oscar nod? I know I am.


  1. 2010alum

    Yes, Ryan Gosling’s abs are delicious, and I’m sure a large majority of the female population on campus agrees with you. Although I can think of quite a few other stars’ who have abs that are just as nice. Hugh Jackman comes to mind, but then again I go more for the rough and rugged kind of handsome that seems to be going out of fashion today.

    I wonder though, how the female population would react to an article expounding on the ample rack of actress such and such or the rear end of so and so written by a male. I think that the female population would be irritated at having the implication thrust upon them that their bodies are undesirable until it looks like such and so’s. I daresay that a large majority of men on this campus are annoyed at being saddled with the implicit demand that they should have washboard abs.

    But then again, maybe all we’re looking for is a hot piece of a__ to take home Friday night and not much more.

  2. I believe it would be appropriate to remind everybody about this fiasco last year:

    I rest my case. I’m not complaining, but when writing similar articles, be sure to expect double standards from the Mary Washington community. 😀