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Mary Washington Crowns Mr. UMW

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Last Thursday, Nov. 10, was the Association of Residence Hall’s annual Mr. UMW competition and this year’s event proved once again to be one of the highlights of the semester.


“I come out here for the hot men every year,” said junior Maggie Auer.

Last Thursday, Nov. 10, was the Association of Residence Hall’s annual Mr. UMW competition and this year’s event proved once again to be one of the highlights of the semester.

Starting the night off with the annual opening dance number, all 11 contestants showed their bad-boy attitude, from their moves to their costumes. This year’s contestants proved that no matter what you are wearing, from a Santa sweater to a gladiator outfit, the pelvic thrust to “Born To Be Wild” will always be well-received by a crowd.

These boys can roll with the flow, even when being accidentally dropped face forward into the crowd. This year, students Isaac Whalen and Blake Edwards served as the masters of the ceremony, and succeeded, while wearing an array of outfits from leather jackets to bathrobes. However, Whalen might want to reconsider white compression shorts on stage for the future, as the lights on stage can be a bit bright and show everything. But, Whalen’s humor and witty banter with his co-host and the crowd was funny and refreshing, while helping to keep the show going.

For a school that isn’t much into “school spirit,” the competition and cheering was high, showing that Mary Washington might not have the traditional school spirit, but we support our fellow students. This is why I believe Mr. UMW is so popular: it allows people to have fun, make fools of themselves, and know that they have support from the crowd, and that’s better than any school spirit I know of.

Where else could you see a montage of N’SYNC and Justin Timberlake videos on a big screen while Mr. UMW Apartments, Andrew Hogan, danced in front of it, replicating the moves, or Mr. Eagle Landing South, Jeff Branson, who rollerbladed onto stage wearing a black leotard and pink tutu while doing a rather touching dance to “Dirty Dancing?”

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After talent was activewear, which left little to the imagination – much to the delight and horror of the audience.

Following activewear was the questions phase. Mr. Framar, Michael Drayer, Hogan and Branson made it into the coveted top three spots. With two questions each, all three had creative answers but without a doubt, Drayer had the best answer of the night to his question, “what three things he would have on a desert island?”

“Does a girl count?” he asked.

“Sure,” replied Whalen.

“I’ll have three girls then,” said a smiling Drayer, as laughs erupted throughout and Dean Cedric Rucker, one of the judges, stood up applauding with his famous laugh heard throughout Dodd Auditorium. With a quick performance by last year’s winner, Zein Al-Atrache, the votes were tallied.

This year’s Mr. UMW is Andrew Hogan.

After the crowning he said, “I’m gonna strive the be the best mister all around” with a grin while adjusting his new crown.

Well done boys, I can only say thanks for a great night of entertainment, and I can’t wait till next year.

Image courtesy of Marie Sicola/Bullet

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