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The Blue & Gray Press | August 24, 2019

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Read My Lips: No More Taxes


Robin Hood is merely a fictional character in a fairy tale. What he takes from the rich he gives to the poor: you would think that this would only hold true in a fairy tale. Well, not exactly.

President Obama’s recently proposed “Buffett Rule,” named after billionaire Warren Buffett, would force the wealthiest Americans to pay more taxes. According to the Obama administration, it will help cut the nation’s debt. The deficit is most certainly unsustainable, but raising taxes for the rich is not the solution. This is absolutely and utterly absurd.

Why should top earners have to pay more on taxes just because they make more money? In America, we live in a capitalist society where anyone can be rich. Everyone is afforded the same opportunity to make something out of nothing. Work ethic and motivation are not only necessary to survive; it is the foundation of our society. The “rags to riches” story is not uncommon and is an essential component in our society.

Those who have worked relentlessly and ardently to receive those seven-figure salaries should not be robbed from them. Being penalized for working harder has never been a part of American ideology. If I were to make a gross salary that put me in that one percent, I would not want anyone to take my money. This is especially frustrating because there are people who didn’t work as hard as I did to get there.

On the other end of the spectrum, I would not be mad because someone is making more and getting taxed less. If anything that would motivate me to try harder and work more, so I can be on the same level.

That should be motivation, not a time to complain about what the next guy has.

This is not to deny that there are less wealthy people working hard, perhaps just as hard as those in the one percent. Differences in career path or education can drastically alter a person’s success. We must deal with these shortcomings, for everyone has them.

Ultimately, there should be a line added on the 1040 IRS tax form that would allow those who want to donate more of their hard earned money to do so. However, forcing a tax on America’s job creators is not just. If Buffett believes he should pay more, then by all means, let him pay more, but he does not speak on behalf of everyone in his income bracket.


  1. Sam

    Buffett’s argument is that the wealth he has generated is not solely through his own merit but because he exists in a society that provides opportunities for that merit to flourish, and given that, people that are wildly successful are somewhat beholden to society at large. The money taken from the current generation of successful people is reinvested in our citizens, by means of education, health care, police force etc etc, so that everyone can enjoy certain benefits that make it even remotely possible for someone born to immigrants to compete with the children of the middle/upper class.

    Hopefully that answers your question about “why should top earners have to pay more on taxes just because they make more money?”

    P.S. People can already donate money to the federal government, through donations to the treasury department.

  2. Kenny Cunningham

    Well done Mike. Since most of us our students that don’t pay income tax, I find the the most effective way to understand this process is through an analogy.

    Say you worked your ass off in college and ended your tenure with a solid 4.0. Your future is looking bright until one day, faculty informs you that they will be taking a whole letter grade off of your GPA and giving it to another student with a 1.0 who needs it to graduate. This guy is a notorious party boy who has done the bare-minimum all four years. How would that make you feel?

    The same thing is happening with our tax system except instead of being stripped of 4 years, people are being stripped of the benefits they’ve reaped after a lifetime of hard work in order to pay welfare to less motivated people and to account for the other 47% of the population who doesn’t pay income tax.

    I’m all for giving to the poor and less fortunate through privatized charity, but let me deem who and what is worthy of my hard-earned money; that’s not the job federal government.

    Also, such extreme taxation on the rich is detrimental to small business and overall job creation, but that’s a totally different discussion.

  3. Sam

    Except that right now, the rich pay proportionally LESS taxes than the middle and lower class, which makes no sense.

    Also, why should the rich pay more tax than others? Because the cost of living doesn’t suddenly multiply when you get richer. It stays the same, and as such, you can afford to give a little more if you’re richer. That’s the point of progressive tax.

    I see that obviously it’s not fair for richer people to pay extreme amounts, but they should AT LEAST pay proportional amounts, and with the economy the way it is, it makes sense for the rich to pay more. Why? Because it’s not like they won’t be able to afford to live anymore, they’ll still be fine. That’s the point. Where as that same proportion of taxation on poor people would make it such that they would starve.

    Let’s say it takes $80,000/year for a 3 person family to live comfortably. If the family is suddenly making $600,000 a year, it still only costs $80K to live comfortably. Nothing changed about that. So for them to pay 15% more tax than before is not a big deal. Fine, they’ll only make $450-500K after tax. SO WHAT. They’re still filthy rich and it’s more than anyone actually needs. And it’s not like we took away all that they earned or anything; THEYRE STILL RICH. VERY. It didn’t hurt that family to pay 15% more.

  4. Mary Washington

    Michael and “Kenny,” your “poor people deserve hardship because they bring it upon themselves by not being rich” mindset is what’s wrong with this country.

    Many of our most important jobs in this country – police officers, soldiers, fire fighters, paramedics – do not lead to a life of riches. Remember that when you hold on to such a backwards attitude, you are saying that the people who do these jobs deserve to be punished for their service to the greater good.

  5. someone


    you believe that it’s fair to take $150,000 from someone because they worked harder than you? The person making $600,000 a year works harder than the person making $80 a year. I appreciate sincerely what paramedics, firemen, police officers (etc.) do but the reason they are paid so little is because it is not hard to get those jobs. These jobs can be achieved by the average american because we need these jobs fulfilled. I don’t understand how you think taking 15% from the rich is okay. They earned that money. If they want to spend $150,000 a year to live then that is their right. This mind set that they don’t need that money they have enough, is why the economy looks like this..

    p.s. you shouldn’t spend all $80,000 a year if thats all you make. and if you do, then get fired don’t come crying to me because thats you’re own fault