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The Blue & Gray Press | August 22, 2019

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Fantasy Football Corner

Start ‘Em
QB: Rex Grossman (WAS): As every Redskins fan is well aware, Grossman is not a good NFL quarterback. However, fantasy football is about numbers, and Grossman has a very juicy match-up this week against New England. The Patriots rank dead last in pass defense (310 yards allowed per game) and have also surrendered 18 touchdown passes (tied for 17th in the NFL). Washington should get behind early and be forced to throw it a lot, which should allow Grossman to rack up numbers in junk time and help your fantasy team.
RB: Reggie Bush (MIA): The former USC Trojan is resembling his former Heisman winning form (before they stripped it form him) in recent weeks. Bush has topped double-digit fantasy points in each of the last six games, with all five of his rushing touchdowns this year coming in that span. The hot streak shouldn’t let up this week, as the Dolphins face a friendly run defense in Philadelphia (115.6 rushing yards allowed per game and 11 touchdowns given up).
WR: Calvin Johnson (DET): In the four games since the Lions bye week, Megatron has been held in check by opposing defenses. Johnson is averaging just 72 yard receiving per game during that stretch with only one touchdown, and has posted three games of single-digit fantasy numbers. But this week is going to see the rebirth of the Megatron, as Detroit faces the 26th ranked pass defense in the Minnesota Vikings, who have also allowed an NFL worst 24 touchdown passes this season.
RB: Marion Barber (CHI)
WR: Michael Crabtree (SF)
TE: Dustin Keller (NYJ)
K: Billy Cundiff (BAL)
DEF: Seattle Seahawks

Sit ‘Em
QB: Andy Dalton (CIN): The Red Rifle has put up solid numbers this year to put Bengals on the fringe of a playoff berth and place himself in the Rookie of the Year discussion. But Dalton has seen a slip in production in his past four games (averaging just 14.3 points per game) and this week he faces a stiff Texans pass defense that is the third best in the league. Look for another mediocre game from Dalton this week.
RB: Willis McGahee (DEN): The media circus that has surrounded Tim Tebow has overshadowed how well McGahee has been this season (averaging 11 fantasy points per game this season). However, despite the eight-year NFL veteran’s resurgence, he is set to disappoint this week against a stout Chicago run defense. The Bears have the eighth best rushing defense in the league (99.8 yards per game allowed) and will surely focus in on the running game to force Tebow to beat them through the air.
WR: Mike Wallace (PIT): The Steelers’ speedster has had a phenomenal season, but Week 14 will prove to be a speed bump in his 2011 campaign. Pittsburgh will rekindle an old rivalry when they face the Cleveland Browns this week, and I’m sure it will shock many to hear that the Browns pass defense is the stingiest in the NFL (173 pass yards allowed per game). Wallace should see a lot of Cleveland CB Joe Haden, the man who has quietly taken the title away from Darelle Revis as the best cornerback in the NFL.
RB: Beanie Wells (ARZ)
WR: Marques Colston (NO)
TE: Owen Daniels (HOU)
K: Robbie Gould (CHI)
DEF: Tennessee Titans

Add ‘Em
QB: Matt Moore (MIA)
RB: Toby Gerhart (MIN)
WR: Johnny Knox (CHI)
RB: Donald Brown (IND)
WR: Demaryius Thomas (DEN)
TE: Jake Ballard (NYG)
K: Nick Folk (NYJ)
DEF: Denver Broncos

Last Week: 10-6
Overall: 79-74-10


  1. Nice post…I agree with your views on starting Calvin Johnson, Michael Crabtree, Billy Cundiff, and the Seattle Seahawks. I would be cautious when it comes to starting Rex Grossman. For one thing, Rex only has a limited number of options when it comes to red-zone pass catching threats, and one of his favorite targets, Fred Davis, has been suspended by the NFL for the remainder of the season. At the same time, Rex tends to find ways to throw costly interceptions regardless of who he is playing. Finally, N.E. is also susceptible to plays on the ground, which may limit Grossman’s stats in favor of Roy Helu’s.

    Additionally, I am not sure I would ever start Dustin Keller. That guy is boom or bust–usually he is a bust.

    Ditto for Marion Barber. I don’t think that he will do well in a lead back role (at least at this stage in his career).

    In regards to your “Add ‘Em” list, I agree with most of the selections; however, I would forego picking-up Demaryius Thomas. He has the skill set necessary to excel in the NFL; however, he is the second option on a team whose QB may only complete 8-10 passes per game.

    Also, Toby Gerhart might not be a great pick-up. Adrian Peterson is 40/60 to play this week. Even if Adrian does not play, Gerhart has a tough match-up against the Lions.

  2. Andrew Pinsky

    Looks about the same, isn’t plagiarism a violation of the honor code?

  3. Zach Moretti

    Plagiarism? Careful throwing around that word. Yahoo seems to like some of the same players I do, but this isn’t rocket science. I independently look at the stats and make my own picks (as my mediocre, barely above .500 record would indicate). I think saying to start a QB against the league’s worst pass D isn’t an independent thought that Yahoo owns. Neither is starting the Seahawks defense playing at home (where they have that great crowd behind them) against an atrocious Rams offense who might not have Sam Bradford again. As for Barber, have you seen Calib Hanie, Andrew? The dude is awful, so I think that Barber will get a lot of work with Forte out, and even though I don’t think he’s that good, workload should make him useful. Keller was, in all honesty, a shot in the dark. I hate using the same players every week to start or sit, and I think he has a decent enough matchup. Crabtree plays against a very shaky pass defense in Arizona that he torched for 120 yards a couple weeks back and I didn’t think many people were starting him.

    But please Andrew, don’t come here and accuse me of plagiarism. We don’t have enough space in the paper for me to write my detailed explanation of every player, but I have them. I’m sure if you check different fantasy sites every week you’ll find similarities in who “experts” like.

  4. Zach Moretti

    Hey Anthony,

    I appreciate the comment. Grossman is obviously a risk, but I feel that Rex can win the battle of ineptness against Patriots secondary. Losing Fred Davis is a big loss, as is LT Trent Williams, but I think the Redskins are going to get down big early and that will force Washington to pass it a lot. 40-45 attempts against that secondary I believe will make him useful.

    Keller is, as I told Andrew, somewhat of a shot in the dark. There are the elite level TE’s that everyone wishes they had, but aside from them everything else seemingly is boom or bust. I feel like Keller has a decent match up against the Chiefs that he has a chance to exploit.

    Barber is a matter of shear volume of carries he’s going to get. With Forte out and Hanie at the helm, I think Chicago is going to run the ball a lot and try to shorten the game/limit Hanie’s chances to make big mistakes. Plus he should get all the goal line work. I don’t think Barber’s good, but Denver can be run on (20th rush D in the league).

    As for Demaryius Thomas, the add section isn’t a definite, “You have to add this player,” sort of thing. But if you’re in a bind (say you have Andre Johnson who might be out again) and your WR options are thin, I feel like he could be decent add given his skill set and given a Bears defense that allows the 28th most passing yards per game.

    Same goes for Gerhert. Obviously his long term value is limited since when Peterson comes back he’ll be resided back to being completely useless. However, the Lions match up isn’t as tough as you may think. Detroit has been run on this season (22nd ranked run D)and similar to Barber, Gerhert should get a good chunk of work and goal line carries this week. Peterson may play, but Gerhert is worth a roster spot in case he does get the start. Gerhert could possibly help you and limit another playoff team who may be thin at running back (say they lost Forte) from adding him and helping their playoff chances.

  5. Zach Moretti

    Also, I couldn’t help but notice that Matthew Berry’s Love/Hate came out today

    You’ll notice under the “Love” section that he has Michael Crabtree, Reggie Bush, Dustin Keller and the Seahawks D. If you check under his “Hate” section, you’ll also find the names of Andy Dalton, Mike Wallace, Beanie Wells and Owen Daniels.

    I published before ESPN’s Talented Mr. Roto, so are you going to go declare him of committing plagiarism because 8 of the names on our lists are the same? Or could it be that when judging these things it’s possible that people could independently come to similar conclusions?

  6. I think that your article is original enough. In all honesty, most fantasy footballers would probably come to the same conclusion independently of each other with regards to many of these players.

    Also, kudos on somehow getting the blog entry into the top 10 on my Google blog search yesterday. That is how I found this blog entry.

    Finally, perhaps you would think about creating a blog post that analyzed your own fantasy team as it prepares for its playoff push. That would be original. I usually don’t write about fantasy sports; however, I succumbed to temptation and blogged about one of my teams (just posted it)–it’s in rough draft form (as are all of my blog posts), but it might interest you.