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The Blue & Gray Press | August 18, 2019

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Students Betray Community and UMW Custodial Staff

With the recent disgusting antics occurring in Virginia Hall, the Bullet wanted to take a moment to reflect upon how impertinent these actions are to the University of Mary Washington’s hard-working custodial staff.

Three times now, Virginia Hall residents have awoken to a hallway and bathroom filled with fecal excrement. This behavior is not only unsanitary, but also shameful and disrespectful to the residents of Virginia Hall and the maintenance staff. The UMW custodial staff works night and day to keep this campus pristine and they deserve our gratitude. Real people are forced to clean up this mess, and no person should be made to clean up human excrement.

The irresponsible behavior of one or two persons forces all of the residents in Virginia Hall to pay for the cleanup. This is unfair to the residents and anyone with information on the culprit should come forward.

This is not the only time the UMW custodial staff has been forced to deal with messes made by inconsiderate students. Last semester, in Jefferson Hall, a student vomited in the elevator, leaving a few residents and a resident assistant to clean up the mess and cordon off the elevator until a custodian could clean up the mess.

Additionally, a student also vomited in a shower in Russell Hall, leaving the custodial staff to clean up the mess and the residents to foot the bill.

Even if these incidents occurred when students were legitimately ill, we should be taking responsibility for our messes and remaining on the scene to clean up as much as possible.

The Bullet wishes to convey its regret to the custodial staff that it must deal with these unfortunate instances, because they are an integral part of the UMW family.


  1. We must put an end to the Poopetrator!

  2. Republicans

    I blame Obama

  3. Merriam Webster

    Fecal excrement is the worst kind of excrement

  4. Myself

    the residents fit the bill eh? Sounds like UMW, overcharging us on tuition and then further demanding we pay their staff for doing their jobs.

  5. Well, I’m never one to criticize comments, but I don’t think the staff would consider cleaning up shit from the floor as a part of their job. And overcharging? This school was a cheaper choice from when I first considered going here, and is still cheaper than a large number of other universities/colleges in the state of Virginia.

  6. Myself

    So I take it you enjoy being trampled on by tyrannical and unjust rulers?

  7. I take it you consider this school to be an autocratic state then? Rather than be anonymous on this page where you can do nothing, why not step up. Those who are quiet and passive are just as much at fault as those who commit the deed. Some students don’t deem this school as being unjust and tyrannical, while others do. How many students do you see stepping up for either side?