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The Blue & Gray Press | August 23, 2019

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Wood Put on Administrative Leave Following DUI Charge

Wood Put on Administrative Leave Following DUI Charge

Courtesy of Clint Often


University officials confirmed earlier today that the University of Mary Washington’s men’s head basketball coach Rod Wood was placed on administrative leave following a DUI arrest on Wednesday night, as first reported by The Free Lance-Star.

Wood, who’s been in charge of the men’s basketball program since 1996, will not coach the Eagles’ regular season finale against Wesley College today, and his status for Thursday’s home Capital Athletic Conference tournament game is unknown at this time.

Wood was cited by Fredericksburg police for speeding on Route 1. According to UMW Athletic Director Ed Hegmann, Wood refused to take a breathalyzer once he was pulled over. He was released on Thursday and has a court date set for mid-March.

A police officer can make a DUI arrest based on observed characteristics of the person in suspicion, including the odor of an alcoholic beverage on the breath, the imparied ability to walk and speak, and other physical signs that are indicative of alcohol consumption, according to Natatia Bledsoe, city police spokesperson.

Wood’s arrest followed the Eagles’ 94-59 senior night victory over Stevenson University earlier on Wednesday evening.

Hegmann said in a phone interview that Wood’s future with the university going forward will be determined in a meeting scheduled for early next week. The longtime AD expressed regret that the situation occurred.

“Everybody makes mistakes; we are all human,” Hegmann said. “Rod made a mistake and it’s unfortunate timing but that’s how life is. You can’t plan when these things will occur. Hopefully he’ll just learn from this mistake and become a better person from it.”

The Bullet has reached out to Wood for comment and is waiting for a response at this time.

The four-time conference coach of the year had his team (17-7, 12-3) tied for first in the CAC standings heading into today’s regular season finale. The Eagles have already secured a first-round bye in next week’s conference tournament, but a victory this afternoon would clinch the No. 1 overall seed and home court advantage for UMW.


  1. ally frasier

    sure it wasnt Fleur de

  2. I want to help you on the placement for this one, but I don’t believe I know which one you are commenting in response to :/
    I’m sorry.

  3. Bob

    I beg to differ Mr Athletic Director. You actually can plan when these thing are going I happen. Don’t drink and drive! Don’t speed on rt 1! Don’t be stupi an arrogant and endanger the lives of people with real jobs… Not those holed up in their $20 million gyms with a flat screen tv every 4 yards. Does the athletic dept live in the real world ? What have we allowed to happen here?

  4. renee

    Everybody makes mistakes.. learn from them. I’m pretty sure everyone that works at UMW believe they have a real job.

  5. They do believe that, and they do have real jobs. With that in mind, they probably have better things to do with their time than us college students (and angry folk like Bob) who write on the comment sections of the Bullet (sometimes over-aggressively).

  6. renee

    I have 3 small children and don’t look forward to them learning how to drive. I can honestly say, when I was younger I did drink and drive (not smart). I didn’t hurt anyone and I did learn my lesson, I haven’t had a drink in almost 11 years. Rod is a great coach and teacher, he deserves a second chance….

  7. Bob


    How is that angry? I have relatives making deliveries of newspapers and produce around town and they are on rt 1 at that time. I might not be angry enough. THis is inexcuseable and for Renee’s follow up comment… word on the street is that Mr Wood was offered a ride home, to call a cab, whatever at Home Team Grill and refused. This is coming from a server there. Apparently he was warned. Didn’t he already get his second chance is that respect?

  8. “Don’t be stupi an arrogant and endanger the lives of people with real jobs… Not those holed up in their $20 million gyms with a flat screen tv every 4 yards. Does the athletic dept live in the real world ?”
    It appears he didn’t mention anything about the drinking, just the jobs.

  9. renee

    Bob – do you frequent this establishment to have firsthand knowledge of the server? Until I hear that out of Coach Woods mouth, that’s someone trying to get involved in a situation they shouldn’t be in…. You say, that was his second chance? What was his first offense?

  10. Surprisingly, Anon is right.