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The Blue & Gray Press | December 17, 2018

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Orpheum Film Club: Campus Movie Buffs

Orpheum Film Club: Campus Movie Buffs


Where are the cheapest movie seats at UMW? They’re not at Cheap Seats surprisingly, and they’re definitely not off campus, where ticket and snack prices continue to soar. The cheapest seats are found every Thursday night at 9p.m. at the Orpheum Film Club, which meets in the Combs auditorium on the first floor and screens classic movies. Some of the films shown this semester have include “Some Like it Hot” starring Marilyn Monroe, “Y Tu Mamá También,” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” starring Jack Nicholson.

Cinema forms a vibrant part of modern culture and art. Every student on campus could probably tell you who Marilyn Monroe was, but there are dozens of classic films that many students may be entirely unaware of.

At Mary Washington, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of literature and music and we certainly love our movies as well, but sometimes we don’t appreciate cinema as a form of art. The Orpheum Film Club reminds us just how incredible movies can be by screening the cinematic masterpieces every week.
The club’s officers are present every at every showing and not only make sure the movie is prepared, but bring snacks that match the film’s theme for the audience to share, and always provide hilarious pre-show entertainment.

“You don’t have to be a member to watch the movies. Everyone is welcome to come,” treasurer Brent Arehart said.

With so much contention regarding what really makes a work of art a “classic” one might think that picking movies would be difficult, but club President Maragaret Boyle said Orpheum has a simple solution.

“We take a survey from everyone who signs up for the club at the beginning of the semester and ask them to list what they want to see,” said Boyle. “From there, we pick from three categories: independent, foreign, and classic. Finally, we try to show a mixture of genres.”

So, if you’ve ever wanted to watch “Night of the Living Dead,” the first zombie movie George Romero ever made, “Casablanca” a film with six quotes in the American Film Institute’s 100 Greatest Movie Quotes list, or if you just want to catch a good flick with some great company at a price that can’t be beat, The Orpheum Film Club is the place to do it.

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