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The Blue & Gray Press | August 25, 2019

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Multicultural Fair Returns to UMW

Multicultural Fair Returns to UMW


The Multicultural Fair returned to the University of Mary Washington for its twenty-second year On Saturday, April 14.

Numerous vendors sold multi-ethnic crafts, jewelry, clothing and other various products along Campus Walk.

“I liked the vendors that sold the jewelry and clothes the best,” said freshman Isabelle Eastham.

Kevis Mitchell, 38, of Fredericksburg, sold his wire sculptures at the fair to experience a different crowd.

“I live in the area and heard about it. You see a lot of different people from different backgrounds and I get a lot of people who appreciate my art,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell’s son Caleb, 10, and his nephew, Andre, 12, came to help.

“It’s both art and business. It’s important for young men to see what it takes to be successful. This is a positive influence,” Mitchell said.

There were a number of performers in front of George Washington, Lee and Monroe Hall. The performers consisted of local and regional bands and dancing groups, according to Greta Franklin, associate director of the Multicultural Center.

Some of the performers were also UMW groups and students, including Bhangra Beat and the PRISM dancers.

Different types of food stands, including Mediterranean, Greek, Indian, Thai and Vietnamese lined Ball Circle. There were also stands selling ice cream and shaved ice.

The Multicultural Fair also attracts members of the Fredericksburg community.

“The food is one of my favorite parts,” said Dave Honaker, a Fredericksburg resident.

The goal of the fair is to bring communities together and to enhance people’s understanding of other cultures, according to Franklin.

“I love how busy our campus is with people who don’t even go here—it is more a Fredericksburg event,” said Berkley Schmidt, a freshman biology and environmental science major.

Lindley Estes and Rives Kuhar contributed to this report.


  1. The Fair was wonderful! It’s a great asset to the community to be able to enjoy arts and knowledge from other cultures.

    However, the PRISM Dancers are not actually associated with UMW, although I know there is a student group called Prism as well.

    The PRISM Dancers have been performing dances from the Middle East since 1992 – we’ve participated in the UMW Fair many times and always enjoy it. Thanks for letting me clarify the information about our group!

  2. Kevin Caffrey

    My son & I had a great time at the Multicultural Fair — the children’s area and set-up was really well done. The performers, vendors, and tables were all interesting as well. Great job!