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The Blue & Gray Press | February 22, 2019

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Bullet Wins Two Virginia Press Association Awards

Thomas Ella


Josh Lawson

The Bullet won two Virginia Press Association awards in the 2011 collegiate journalism competition for critical writing.

The paper won first place in critical writing for former Online Editor Thomas Ella’s reviews of Justice, Child of Eden and the movie Super 8. The Bullet also won third place in critical writing for former Style Editor Josh Lawson’s reviews of the Star Wars Blu-Ray release, “Dead Space 2” and Circa Survive.

This is the second consecutive year that Ella has won an award for critical writing.

“I think it shows the importance of having a voice in your writing and trying to make an argument with reviews,” said Ella. “You’re trying to tell a story.”

Lawson also commented on his recognition, stating, “I feel like I’ve learned a lot of marketable skills on The Bullet, and I feel like this award is a nice confirmation of that.”

According to the VPA website, the annual contest attracts more than 5,000 entries.


  1. Congratulations Thomas, it is awesome to see a #ds106er make good. Now how is your final project coming, hippie?

  2. Oh, it’s coming. I probably won’t be able to have great progress reports, but it’ll be done before our meeting.

  3. Davos

    The King In The North!

  4. Claire Pickard

    I am so glad they used that photo.

  5. Andrea

    Congratulations Thomas and Josh!