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The Blue & Gray Press | January 23, 2019

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Return to Campus Met with Fresh Classroom and Construction Woes


It seems that, when it comes to college students, people concentrate on freshmen. What about the other classes? As a returning second-year student at the University of Mary Washington, I have noticed how this year is different from the last. It is a euphoric experience to come back to campus and see old friends after being home all summer.

One of the first things I noticed was the new construction site. I never would have thought that part of Campus Walk would be closed. It has proven to be a major inconvenience! However, with this change, I have come to see new parts of the campus I had overlooked before, and I learned to leave earlier just to make it to Jepson in time. I’m still trying to get used to watching for cars in the Jepson parking lot due to the change of directional flow. Also, there is no longer a nice mulch pathway from College Avenue to Jepson, making us walk all the way around a fence. How are we supposed to get from Combs to Jepson in ten minutes without a mulch pathway?

Also, it is just as stressful for returning students to move in as it is for freshmen. Not only are we moving into a new place, but, for some of us, we are living with and around new people. We are put in an area of confusion and excitement.

However, we don’t have the luxury of moving in a week before classes start, as freshmen do. Why on earth would the school think it is acceptable for students to move in the day before classes? Some of us like to have at least one day of rest before starting classes. Moving in the day before classes is a horrible feat that I never want to suffer through again.

Many think that coming back to college classes isn’t as hard as coming to them for your first time, but those people have not realized exactly what it means to be an upper-classman. We come back to classes that are even harder than the previous semesters’. This means that we are taking on more and more material each semester while trying to keep our sanity.

It is hard on all students to come to college whether you are a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior. Try to think about the other classes when you are walking on Campus Walk. You’ll see that junior drowning in homework or that sophomore worried about their roommates. Just because it isn’t their first year doesn’t mean they are not lost and confused just as much as the rest.


  1. Oh, you’re still new here. You must seem to think that construction and things being out of place are odd. Ask yourself, why is Annex A still out in front of Westmo? How pretty was that green fence in front of GW? How pretty is the view from College Ave. going to look when construction of the new parking deck commences? What about the walk to Eagle Landing before the Anderson Center was complete? I’m just showing my age, though…bitter, old person at the ripe old age of schfifty five.

    I’m sorry now if I may start to get more observant with your post. I’m a little rusty at commenting and I need to get back into the swing of things. Your article just happened to peak my interest first. It isn’t directed towards you per se, but it is directed towards the article. Let us begin:

    Nice mulch path?? That thing was horrible! Why would you need that path there when you could just go around DuPoint and the music practice rooms and use the sidewalk/road? The path was an eyesore in my opinion, and it had to be re-mulched every time it rained. Combs to Jepson in 8 minutes if you walk fast and use the designated paths. Easy.

    You’re complaining about moving in a day before classes start? Really, it isn’t the end of the world, and moving in isn’t as stressful as you’re making it out to be. You pack your stuff a week before, you make it easy to move in (elevator or no elevator) and you unpack and relax for the rest of the day. The first week of classes isn’t going to kill you, nor is it going to stress you out to the point of drooling as you look over your syllabi. That being said, if you want to move in earlier, become an Orientation Leader, a Resident Assistant, or find another way of doing it.

    If you’re complaining about harder classes, you don’t have to take all of your hard ones at once. The brilliant thing about most majors only having 32-odd credits to be fulfilled is that the classes can be spaced out so you don’t have a harder work-load than your freshman year. If you’re double majoring, or picking your classes wrongly, then you should have known what you’d be getting yourself into.

    Haven, I’m glad that I picked your article first to look over and critique. It’s articles like this that give me hope that my comments can possibly make a difference in this first-world-problem mentality that can run rampant on the Mary Washington campus. Who knows, I may even try to send in an editorial later in the semester. But again, I apologize for any concerns you may have in my endeavour, but it must be done.

    I do not forgive, but I probably will forget. Expect me.

  2. 4th year

    Confirmation that the Bullet is a joke. This is not journalism; this isn’t even student journalism. This is entitlement and complaint written in the same tone that a middle schooler demands a cell phone from their parents.

  3. Well let’s not go that far. I agree that the article wasn’t the best, but I don’t think that the Bullet is a joke. While they do have their fair share of bad articles, there also are some very good ones. Due to the fact that they are a university newspaper, and it is a class that accepts all possible students, the Bullet is subject to people who are only in the class for credits, or don’t have strong writing capabilities. Don’t blame the Bullet; blame the authors.

  4. Old Guard

    To be fair, even by Bullet standards, this article is pretty garbage. And I’ve been reading Bullet articles for a long time. To a certain extent, yeah, blame the authors. To a larger extent, blame the editors. An article like this just shouldn’t have run.

  5. Alison King

    Omigod. Life is SOOOO hard for you! I totally sympathize, I mean walking around obstacles? Not getting to move in early? Taking harder classes than anyone else ever has in the history of humanity? You brave soul. I couldn’t do it. Oh wait, I’m a senior so yeah I have.

    The thing about the construction, is that yeah, it’s annoying, but at least you’re going to get the benefit of it. Seniors and juniors won’t, but you know what? We got the benefit of buildings like Eagle Landing and Lee Hall without “putting in the time”. It’s cyclical like that- you didn’t put up with the woes of Monroe construction, but your class gets to use that building. But really, where else are they going to a) put the building and b) put the access roads for construction stuff? I think the university has done a good job being considerate and trying to make it easy on the students. I was here over the summer before all this stuff went up, and, trust me, it could be a lot worse.