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The Blue & Gray Press | August 19, 2019

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Eldridge is New Leadership Hire


The University of Mary Washington prides itself on a rich history with student honor and leadership. Behind such leaders are experienced educators and role models, such as Golda Eldridge, the new director of leadership for the Center for Honor, Leadership and Service.

As a former educator and former Air Force veteran, Eldridge has experience in and out of the university setting.

Eldridge earned his bachelor’s degree in literature and history at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, his master’s in educational leadership from Troy State University and his doctorate in educational leadership from the Texas Christian University.

Eldridge also served for four years as the department chair and professor of aerospace studies at the Texas Christian University.

As a new addition to the UMW community, Eldridge brings new experiences and innovations to the CLS.

“I understand the challenges and opportunities involved in bringing diverse groups of people together to accomplish a mission,” said Eldridge. “I bring a fresh perspective and am focused on improving leadership around the campus.”

Eldridge’s job is to increase the leadership opportunities and programs at UMW.

“My job is to find ways to enhance existing leadership opportunities and help develop new programs that take leadership at Mary Washington to the next level, “ he said.

Eldridge believes that anyone is capable of becoming a leader.

“The key is motivation. Leadership seems to come more naturally to some, but it’s a process and can be learned,” said Eldridge. “For someone to become a leader, or improve their leadership skills, the first step is they have to want it.”

UMW offers many opportunities for students to gain leadership skills.

“Additionally UMW has dozens of clubs and organizations that offer the chance to learn about and practice leadership and service,” said Eldridge.

The Center is comprised of three platforms, the Honor Council, COAR and Leadership. Eldridge, as director of leadership, works with David Rettinger, the executive director and Christina Eggenberger, the director of service.

Eldridge replaced the former Director of Leadership, Courtney Chapman-Thomas.