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The Blue & Gray Press | August 18, 2019

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Hang Out in a Hammock


Between the trees, Hayden Morrissett is too busy swaying in the wind to notice all of the eyes fixed on her royal blue hammock.
Morrissett, freshman and intended theater production major, sets a trend each time she unravels her double-nest, eight-foot long, extra-wide Eno hammock, which takes only five minutes to set up.
Back in Morrissett’s hometown, Memphis, Tenn., Eno hammocks are popular, and most of her friends have one. Morrissett’s easily accessible hammock allowed her to set it up wherever and whenever she craved some relaxation, like in a nearby park, or even in the rafters of her school.
One of Morrissett’s fondest memories of “hammocking” is a camping trip on the Appalachian Trail, where she and her friends stacked three hammocks on top of each other.
In front of Randolph Hall, Morrissett carries on her tradition of “hammocking.”
“It’s my favorite activity. Probably because I’m just in general a really chill person, and ‘hammocking’ is really chill… and it’s different,” Morrissett said.
Around three times a week, or whenever it is nice outside, Morrissett studies and naps in her hammock.
“I’ve been tempted to sleep in it out here, because it’s really nice,” Morrissett said.
Morrissett frowned when asked what she’ll do once winter rolls around and she has to put a hold on her fun hobby.
“I’ll get really upset… But as soon at it hits 60 [degrees], it’s coming back out,” Morrissett said.
Until then, Morrissett will continue lay away the day in the good company of her hammock.