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The Blue & Gray Press | August 24, 2019

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New Drain Systems Installed in Dorms

New Drain Systems Installed in Dorms


The University of Mary Washington is in the early design stages of a storm water project with the intention to upgrade UMW’s current storm water system.

The project is estimated to begin in eight to 20 months once UMW receives approval of construction funds from the state, according to John Wiltenmuth, associate vice president of facilities services.

The project plans to upgrade parts of the current storm water system, including outfalls, eroding stream beds and channels and inadequate pipe systems, according to Wiltenmuth.

“Currently, we are considering a slate of sub-projects on the main campus as well as several on the Athletic complex,” said Wiltenmuth.

According to Wiltenmuth, the construction of the new storm water system will take between four to six months, depending on when the project begins.

The cost of the total budget, according to Wiltenmuth, will not exceed $1.5 million.

Marshall Hall has had many issues with the current water system. According to Wiltenmuth, Marshall Hall is surrounded by several springs which lead to issues with flooding.

“Marshall Hall was built on the site of several springs and water infiltration through the slab has previously been addressed by the installation of sump pumps in the building,” said Wiltenmuth.

However, Marshall is not the only targeted building for this new project. Virginia Hall, Lee Hall, Trinkle Hall and the athletic fields will all be involved in the construction of the new storm water system, according to Wiltenmuth.

“The project will be competitively bid when plans and specifications are completed,” said Wiltenmuth.