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The Blue & Gray Press | August 24, 2019

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Staff Editorial: Sandy Uproots Calendar Days Rather Than Trees

Whether you did homework this past weekend or threw a hurricane – or should we say “a lot of light to moderate rain” – party, we can all agree that two days off of school was a nice gift from Sandy.

The Bullet appreciates the school putting the students’ safety first and closing until the storm had completely passed. We also appreciate the long Halloweekend because, let’s face it, we all had work that we put off until the last minute so that we could dress up and hang out with friends, so a bonus weekend was definitely in order.

From board games, where the point is to drink and the points don’t matter, to homework, to sleeping all day, we all put to use those couple days of a much-needed break in the midst of a busy semester. The informative emails from the University kept us updated, not only on the storm, but on a certain off-campus hurricane party. No word yet on how effective mass email party invites are, but at least the party had chips!

Thankfully, a couple days of school cancellations and a bit of minor damage was all Sandy brought us here at the University of Mary Washington, and our thoughts are with those who were more tragically affected. While we’re fortunate to have ridden out the storm with only slight water damage and slippery roads, others, especially in the northeastern part of the country, were not as lucky. With the death toll over 50 in the United States, the northeast is still suffering from storm damages and power outages.

We should remember that we were lucky, and while we keep those affected in our thoughts, we can be thankful for our four-day mini staycation.