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The Blue & Gray Press | August 25, 2019

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The Eagle skinny: Jessica Bednarcik



Jessica Bednarcik

The University of Mary Washington women’s soccer squad made it to the Capital Athletic Conference semifinals last fall, and freshman forward Jessica Bednarcik’s played a large part in the team’s overall success. She scored 13 goals on the season and added seven assists, leading the team with 33 total points in 2012. This week, the reigning CAC Rookie of the Year gave The Bullet an inside look at her life off the field.

One of Jess’ biggest pet peeves: When people don’t walk on the right side of the walkway, or when people just stop in the middle of the hallway or pathway.

When running/working out, her iPod is usually playing: A variety of hip-hop, country and rap.

Her favorite thing about her hometown (Thornton, Pa.): [The size.] I lived in a small town so everyone knew each other, and I got to go to school with the same people from elementary school to high school.

Her favorite pre-game meal: Panera mac and cheese with a Dr. Pepper.

One thing most people don’t know about Jess: That I used to live in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Her greatest accomplishment: Becoming Rookie of The Year for CAC.

Her favorite movie: Either “Taken” or “The Hangover,” it’s a tie.

Her favorite childhood memory: Growing up in my neighborhood playing games like kickball, kick the can, and man hunt every night with the kids on my street.

If Jess could have dinner with any three people (dead or alive) they would be: Channing Tatum, Alex Morgan and my best friend Sammy who passed away.

The toughest part about playing a sport at UMW: Balancing school, work and soccer: time management.

Her favorite moment from the 2012 season: Beating St. Mary’s in PK’s in the CAC tournament after being down 1-0, and Sam scoring in the last couple seconds of the game to tie it up.

Her goal for next season: Going to the NCAA tournament and winning our conference.