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The Blue & Gray Press | August 22, 2019

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Confusing temperatures, students’ wardrobes adapt



Winter in Fredericksburg is in full swing, and, with it, the continuously confusing Virginia weather has arrived. With temperatures ranging weekly from the bitterly cold teens to the low 60s, students are left with the ever-pressing dilemma that is dressing for cold weather. For some people, colder temperatures can present a challenge because one must decide what is more important to them: braving the elements in order to stay warm or being well dressed for the sake of fashion.

Never fear, fashion lovers, there is a way to stay warm and still appear presentable, no matter how cold it gets. In fact, winter weather allows for different fashion trends on campus to rise to the surface, as evidenced by some of the looks currently being worn on Campus Walk.

Upon being asked how she likes to dress for the cold, senior biology major Chloe Fusselman responded, “I wear a lot of layers because I like to accommodate to different temperatures through out the day.”

“I’m also a big fan of Hunter boots and the various fleece socks that go inside of them because they add an extra layer of warmth for when it’s snowing,” Fusselman continued. “The different socks come in a bunch of colors so it’s a versatile way to mix up your wardrobe.”

Boots by brands such as Hunter and L.L. Bean can be seen all over campus this season, and are definitely a must have for the winter months.

Senior education and geography major Hannah Moser agrees, adding, “Scarves are another really versatile accessory and I can’t leave the house without [a scarf] when it’s cold.”

The male students at this school have proved to be just as fashion conscious as the female population.

“I always layer. I pick out what pants [I’ll wear,] typically jeans, khakis or colored chinos,” said senior english major Jack Charlton.
“Then I pick out a matching collared shirt and a sweater or pullover. I tend to stay with brown, black or gray colors. This season I’ve been feeling vests, quilted and down,” Charlton said. “If it’s really cold I’ll wear my quilted vest and my quilted Barbour jacket. But if it’s even colder, instead of my Barbour, I’ll wear a down North Face jacket.”

With the weather only getting colder, it’s important to bundle up, but remember that winter weather can be just as fun for fashion lovers as any other season.