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The Blue & Gray Press | August 21, 2019

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Easy tips to beautify your Valentine’s Day bouquets



A bouquet is possibly the sweetest gift a girl can get on Valentine’s Day, but what to do with those beautiful roses, fingers crossed, when you get back home? Rather than sticking them in any old vase, I find that taking the time to create a simple, yet thoughtful, arrangement makes all the difference. Why not channel your inner Georgia O’Keefe this holiday and create a floral masterpiece? Here are my top tips:

1.    Don’t clash.  Just like you would put an outfit together, think of colors that go together. A safe bet is sticking to flowers in the same color story. If you are presented with a large bouquet, don’t be afraid to separate the flowers and put different combinations together.

2.    Forget vases. There are all sorts of inspiring options to choose from when it comes to a container, so be creative with it. I used a mason jar and a small milk bottle for mine.

3.    Trim those stems. Snip along at a 45-degree angle. Then, cut stems to your desired length. I always go a little longer than I intend to and trim down from there as I arrange. That way, I avoid cutting the flowers too short.

4.    Show them some love. Crush an aspirin and place it at the bottom of your container to keep your flowers vibrant for days.

5.    Less is more. Sometimes the most beautiful little arrangements are the simplest ones. There’s something very elegant but unpretentious about the peony that makes it my favorite, although white roses come in at a close second.

6.    Most importantly, trust your intuition and your creative spirit. When it comes to arranging flowers, and most other matters, it’s always best to follow your heart.