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The Blue & Gray Press | August 25, 2019

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‘Looper’ entertains viewers with time travel adventures



The showing of “Looper,” directed by Rian Johnson and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis, was a success for Cheap Seats viewers on Friday, Feb. 1.

This action-packed, sci-fi thriller kept the audience on their toes until the very end. Gordon-Levitt plays Joe, a hitman who kills people the mob sends back in time to him from the future. Thirty years in the future, time travel will be invented and declared illegal, so the mob sends its victims back in time to meet their fate at the hands of people like Joe, known as loopers. When the mob suddenly begins sending back the loopers’ future selves, loopers like Joe begin closing their loops, killing their future selves.
Willis, who plays the future Joe, is sent back by the mob, but gets away from his younger counterpart. The film continues to take its audience on a wild ride as Joe attempts to catch his future self and assassinate him.

Freshman business and economics major Kelly Hendricks was excited to see Gordon-Levitt in a new kind of role.

“I was really surprised to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing this role,” said Hendricks. “He’s usually such a sweetheart in his movies and in this one he was the complete opposite, and I loved it!”

“Looper” wasn’t your average, predictable sci-fi thriller either. Its big plot twist surprised viewers, keeping them guessing. The springing back and forth between the future and present really brought a higher level of intensity to the film. Time traveling can get a bit confusing though, especially on the big screen. This sometimes left moviegoers wondering what was happening between Willis and Gordon-Levitt. Overall, this action packed film had its audience completely enthralled, laughing at some parts and gasping at the big finale.

“The ending surprised me, but I really liked it!” said Ruth Catlett, a freshman and computer science major.
An exciting sci-fi adventure, “Looper” is a movie to watch out for on Netflix.