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The Blue & Gray Press | August 22, 2019

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Staff Editorial: Spring back to life over break

It may not be spring yet, but Spring Break has arrived. Many students will relish the nine days free of school after a grueling week of midterms. It is always nice to be able to kick back and recover from brutal all-nighters and untimely exam schedules.

Some students will even be lucky enough to go on an actual vacation, as opposed to spending their free time at home or on campus. The beach is a popular destination of choice, though the fact that it is technically still winter might put a damper on any hopes to swim in the ocean.

However, Spring Break doesn’t always have to be about going to the beach or some other exotic locale. Habitat for Humanity is traveling to Florida for Alternative Spring Break where, for four days, students will devote their free time to building houses for the less fortunate.

Being stuck at home or on campus also isn’t the worst thing in the world. True, you’re not at the beach, but vacation doesn’t have to be defined by traveling somewhere far from home. It is very easy to hop on the computer and check out what’s happening in your neighborhood. Maybe your old high school is putting on a play or a Jazz concert. Or maybe there’s a store downtown you finally have enough time to visit.

If you’re not sick of learning and are able to drive, you can visit battlefields or other historical locations around Fredericksburg. Washington D.C. is also close by for some. A trip to the zoo to see all the animals might be just what you need after midterms. Or perhaps Richmond is closer to where you’re situated for Spring Break. You can treat yourself to a day wandering around the shops in Carytown or visit Belle Isle and jump on the rocks in the James River; it’s like your own unique beach trip.

It might even be nice to just hang around at home in your pajamas and not think about school or impending projects for a week. Watch that three hour long documentary on Netflix you’ve never had time for, catch up on a personal project or just do nothing.

It’s your vacation, and you can finally do whatever you want with your time.