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The Blue & Gray Press | August 25, 2019

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Create your own floral headband to add a touch of Spring

Sara Kelly


I love it when the sun comes out and it’s perfectly appropriate to wear pastels and smile occasionally. Spring is the perfect time to add some fun updates to your wardrobe. Floral prints have been gracing the runways in many creative ways this season, from printed trousers at Paul and Joe to applique shift dresses at Moschino.

If an all-over floral print seems overwhelming, why not try adding a cute floral headband to your spring attire? Once the hallmark of the under-six set, headbands have become a staple accessory for the modern girl. I personally love the silk flower bands from J. Crew, but can’t justify spending upwards of $30 on one.

I managed to make my own dahlia pom-pom at home, secured it onto a silk band and voilà: homemade J. Crew. Here’s how you can do the same.


•    1 silk headband

•    Silk or taffeta fabric, scraps will do

•    1 piece of white felt cut into the size of a dime

•    A needle and thread

•    A hot-glue gun

•    1 flower sewing pattern
1.  Pattern makes perfect. At the craft store, head to the sewing and fabric section. There you’ll see a plethora of outlines for petal making. Choose one with a six-sided flower petal.

Place the pattern over one layer of fabric and fold the pattern with fabric, once in half and then in half a second and third time. You’ll be left with a folded fabric triangle.

2. Get scissor happy. I’m all for creative expression, but when it comes to needle crafts, I say follow the instructions exactly. Cut along your outline until you form a petal. How nice.

Don’t unfold it, but instead thread the flower through at its narrowest point so that each layer of fabric is passed through once. Repeat the petal making process 12-15 times until your dahlia is full.  Yes, 12-15 times.

3. Tie it all together. Once the flower is finished pull the thread through tightly and make a knot. You will now have a little flower reminiscent of the pom-poms we all made in childhood, but far more elegant.

Using a hot glue gun, adhere the flower onto the small felt circle. This base allows the headband to have a stronger foundation when you finally secure the flower onto the silk band with your glue gun. And there you have it: a retail worthy headband at a fraction of the price.

4. Don’t go overboard. Feel free to have fun by making larger or smaller flowers, or gluing a jeweled button or two onto your headband. Just don’t go over the top, or you’ll end up looking like a bouquet hit you in the face, and nobody wants that.

I hope you enjoy making and wearing this craft as much as I do. I find that walking around with a flower atop one’s head is a lot like flirting with the daffodils, and in April, they certainly flirt back. Happy Spring!