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The Blue & Gray Press | August 18, 2018

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Halle Berry stars in thriller, ‘The Call’



Director Brad Anderson’s thriller, “The Call,” is a jigsaw puzzle of tension-packed, suspenseful pieces that lead to an ending that leaves the viewers on the edge of their seats.

Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin are a perfect match as Jordan Turner and Casey Welson, the two main characters of the film. Their connection as protector and victim leaps off the screen and touches the hearts of viewers. However, Breslin’s performance is much more surprising than Berry’s as audiences watch her character’s development.

Throughout the course of a 95 minute movie, Breslin goes from a quiet, timid teenager to a strong, powerful young adult. Her persona as a teen goofball is completely dismantled almost effortlessly with her phenomenal acting performance. That, mixed with the intensity that Berry brought to the screen, added to the strength of the already shocking storyline.

With the many action-packed, suspenseful movies produced each year, it can be hard to keep viewers on their toes and present them with ideas and images they haven’t seen time and time again. “The Call,” however, succeeded.

“I thought the movie was great” said freshman business major, Skylar Ashley. “I expected it to be like something I’ve already seen, but it was very unexpected and kept me interested.”

From the beginning of the film up until the last plot twist in the final scene of the movie, the viewers were kept guessing. Then, in the final moments, a huge cliffhanger left people wondering if they should keep their eyes open for a sequel.

This cliffhanger of an ending, however, could be considered unnecessary or too open-ended to some viewers. While the final moments are definitely unexpected, they could easily be seen as faltering due to the fact that they could impact the realism of the film. Until the final moments, viewers are rooting for justice against the obsessive and possessive kidnapper- however, the justice is not served in a way one might expect.

A gripping thriller, “The Call” stuns viewers with suspense and leaves them waiting to see what will happen next.