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The Blue & Gray Press | August 23, 2019

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Performing Arts Club’s Big Show is a colorful success

becky lallande


You will find big talent everywhere you look at the University of Mary Washington, and last weekend the Performing Arts Club (PAC) gave a performance that was no exception.

The PAC Big Show had everything you would ever want to see in a dance show and more: cool changing colored lights, brilliant costumes, from camo to pink feathers, a variety of music, awesome props, including fog and fans, and lots of big talent.

The show had great dances that the audience evidently enjoyed judging from the many oooo’s and aaah’s heard amongst the crowd.

One audience member, Emily Bostaph, a sophomore history major, enjoyed the dance “Sail” in particular “It was well put together, everyone was very in sync, and I also liked the lighting effect. It made the dances more dramatic,” said Bostaph. “Overall, it was evident the dances were put together well.”

Many of the dances utilized popular song from artists such as Imagine Dragons, Passion Pitt and Awolnation.

Nini Grasselli, a senior anthropology major, vice president of PAC and choreographer behind “Sail,” said, “PAC literally fulfills my life; I’ve never felt as a part of something as being here with these dancers.”

This show was one of PAC’s best performances this year, and it was completely student run. Mary Washington students choreographed every dance seen at the PAC show, and every dancer in the show had to audition for a role in PAC.

PAC is its own kind of community on campus and is open to dancers of all levels. At the beginning of each semester, PAC holds auditions for students to come out and try to get a dancing role in the group.

PAC is full of incredibly passionate people who are all engrossed in this club.

“I think PAC brings a lot of people together from different backgrounds, different majors, different ages,” said PAC’s president, Courtney Lewandrowski, a senior and business major. “It just brings everyone together because dance is a common language.”

PAC dancers have a love for performing and are constantly preparing for the next performance.

Isaac Hayes, a junior, math and computer science double major and also a dancer in the show, said, “Dance is like energy. When we’re dancing on the stage, it’s like the energy is being given to the audience, then the audience gets the energy and it’s like WOW. We’re having fun with it and they’re having fun with it.”