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The Blue & Gray Press | August 25, 2019

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Competitive spirit rules 'Res Games'

By SARAH TAGGjason-and-leila

Students are gathering this week to compete and test their knowledge, athletic ability and philanthropic skills to gain the title of Residence Hall champion in a five-day event entitled “Res Games” sponsored by the Association of Residence Halls (ARH).

“The Association of Residence Halls wanted to create an event that would not only give residents a way of meeting more people in their hall but a way of meeting people outside of their residence as well,” said Alyssa Lieurance, the ARH President.

Monday, April 1, marked the opening day of the games. From 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., the One Note Stand, Bellacapella, Zach Fichter, Jason and Leila and Goody performed on Ball Circle.

Tuesday’s event, a university-wide scavenger hunt, had each group racing against the clock. Students ran from the Battlegrounds to the balcony of Eagle Landing and to the Underground.

Shayda Rezazad, a senior business administration major and the student director of community outreach and resources, believes the UMW community flourished through the competitions.

“I think this is a good UMW team-building event. As a team, we work together to try and win the competitions and through working together I feel as if we get to know one another better,” said Rezazad. “It’s a great opportunity to get to know others who live in your residence hall or apartment.”

Wednesday’s fast-paced athletic event, held on Ball Circle, tried each group’s athletic stamina.

Thursday’s event, an Easter egg hunt, will be held on the lawn of Brompton. Residence Life will donate the proceeds to a local food shelter.

The closing ceremony will be held on Friday, April 5 on Ball Circle where the winner will be announced.

Students had mixed opinions of the Res Games’ inaugural year.

“One of my friends wanted me to join and it sounded fun,” said Jared Smith, a senior and history major. “I think it gets people together and gives them a chance to know each other better.”

“Res Games are a great idea and they are a lot of fun,” said junior history major Victoria Skaggs. “They could use some work, but I would be really excited to see them come back next year.”


Regina Weiss contributed to this report.


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