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New center gives students numerous valuable resources

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As I walk to the library and see the Convergence Center construction rapidly progress, I get excited about the new resources and freedoms it will offer, to both students and faculty.

Screen-shot-2013-04-10-at-4.37.04-PMBy ROBERT TYSZKA

As I walk to the library and see the Convergence Center construction rapidly progress, I get excited about the new resources and freedoms it will offer, to both students and faculty.

It is hard to not get excited for the new Convergence Center after hearing about the modern technology and capabilities that it is going to have. With the new technology, students will have the capabilities to work more efficiently and create compelling work.

The availability of another 24-hour workspace is a really great addition. Students want and need to have a space where they can meet and study at all hours of the day. It is nice to have another place besides dorms and the study room in Trinkle where students can pull all-nighters. Additionally, students that live in Eagle Landing will not have to walk back from Trinkle in the early hours of the morning, an added convenience.

The Center will also offer unique and up-to-date features that have not been at this university before. It will allow for networking opportunities and interconnectivity with other universities and institutions. Students will be able to share ideas faster and more effectively.

The science and math departments at the University of Mary Washington are going to be directly affected by the  Convergence Center. The technology at the Center can make these majors more attractive to students, and the faculty will have more teaching techniques at their disposal. With new resources being made available, theses departments can only be improved.

This is not to say other departments cannot also benefit from the Center. Any department, from geography to historic preservation, that relies on updated technology can benefit. The Convergence Center will mean easier and faster access to computers and other high-tech devices. Students can now easily film and record presentations. Giving students more options and resources can be empowering, allowing students to feel more capable and accomplished.

I believe the Convergence Center can only improve our identity and sense of community as a university. Prospective students and other outsiders like to know that a historic university like UMW is trying to keep up-to-date with the latest technology and resources. Colleges need to be willing to adapt to the times.

Some students think the Convergence Center is inconvenient or a nuisance. Many complain about the disruption of having to walk around the library. I think students have to look toward the future and realize the potential that the Convergence Center has for our university.

Overall, I believe it will only strengthen our diversity and make our school more attractive to prospective students. It will also strengthen our community by giving us something we can be proud of and show off. The creation of the Convergence Center will put UMW at the forefront of college technology, a change that will only benefit the school and the students in the long run.

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