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The Blue & Gray Press | August 24, 2019

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Staff editorial: Bachelor's degrees prove less valuable in job market

Graduation is quickly approaching and the job search is both time consuming and stressful. We all wonder about the likelihood of actually sealing the deal after graduation.

It is extremely important to start the job search early and get your name into the market. People always say, “It is all about who you know.” Well, upon leaving the University of Mary Washington, it is safe to say the connections and the people we know here are not the typical individuals that are likely to help us join the workforce. Although making job connections is very important, gaining job experience seems to be the best resume booster.

In April 2012, the Atlantic reported that 53 percent of recent college graduates under the age of 25 are jobless or underemployed. A bachelor’s degree today does not hold as much value as it once did. Most graduates are placed in jobs for which they are over educated. Since the market is flooded with bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and high school diploma holders are winning jobs due to type of jobs open in the job market. The fastest growing job market is labeled “middle-skill,” or jobs that do not require a full four-year education.

Knowledge of the job market is important to know the kinds of careers that are in high demand. Early in the job search, remain flexible and open to positions that are not exactly ideal.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported a high demand for jobs in health care and the technology and biosciences industries. Knowledge of the changing job market for recent graduates is something to keep in mind.

Not all degrees are created equal, especially in this job market. For graduates with a bachelor’s degree, the average salary is around $50,000. According to CBS News, the top three paying jobs for a bachelor’s degree are medical preparatory programs, computer systems engineer and the pharmaceutical industry.

However, according to AOL Jobs, statistics show that earning a bachelor’s degree will help you find some employment. The greatest benefit of gaining a Bachelor’s degree is the ability to specialize in your field of study without the worry of the dwindling job market.