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The Blue & Gray Press | August 23, 2019

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Threat toward South Korea is real and serious

6549444309_fda4196b48_zBy ASHLEY TENSLEY

With threats thrown around about missiles and the wiping out of nations, Americans are fearing what North Korea is capable of, as well as contemplating if these threats are something to actually be worried about.

The North Korean government is no stranger to using heavily worded threats toward other countries to evoke fear. This latest threat for preemptive nuclear attack from North Korea occurred when South Korea and the U.S. held joint military exercises.

Whenever someone hears the word “attack,” there is bound to be alarm, but should the American people fear for their safety?

When our government hears any sort of threat from any person or country, it should be taken seriously. Many Americans believe that this threat from North Korea is not to be taken seriously due to their threats in the past that have not been acted upon, but I would propose that doesn’t mean North Korea will not act out on their threats when the time is right.

Since North Korea has threatened South Korea, they have taken action to show that their threats should not be taken lightly. Recently, North Korea actually shut down the factories they ran with South Korea, according to the New York Times. This act on their part ended with them withdrawing 53,000 workers from the factories as a way of showing that they have no intention of reconciling.

To say that North Korean­ threats against South Korea are empty would be a stretch. In 2010, North Korea cut off their outside trade ties and attacked a South Korean island with their artillery. With recent threats being labeled as “war” rather than just attacks, Americans should really start to consider the validity of North Korea’s claims.

An anonymous official reported to CNN, saying that, after seeing satellite evidence, it is very possible for North Korea to launch their missiles toward South Korea without any notice at all. The Obama administration also reported that the U.S. “simply doesn’t know” what North Korea would potentially do now that they have started to act on their threats.

The United Nations Security Council adopted resolutions in 2012 that prohibited the building and testing of long-range ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. North Korea is in direct violation of this resolution and the U.S. government is well aware of this. With all of this evidence being exposed, we, as Americans, have to take North Korea seriously when they threaten South Korea’s security. Our government cannot sit idly by and just wait for something to happen when it is very clear that North Korea has the means and the motive for attack.

Although these attacks wouldn’t pose a threat to American security, this does put South Korea in danger. With these uncertain threats, it means that North Korea can attack South Korea at any minute, and they have the means to do it. It is only a matter of time. Hundreds of innocent people could end up getting hurt without a moment’s notice. With so much uncertainty around what the North Korean government is thinking, it would be better to prepare now instead of wait until it is too late.