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The Blue & Gray Press | August 15, 2018

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Student band drops album

“How’d They Get Up There?” is Save the Arcadian’s first album.

“How’d They Get Up There?” is Save the Arcadian’s first album.



University of Mary Washington student band Save the Arcadian celebrated the release of their new album, “How’d They Get Up There?” at the Underground on Thursday, April 18. Hosted by senior Isaac Whalen, UMW’s Goody opened the show.

Goody, comprised of UMW students EJ Willis (also known as Chemi), Tanner Carlton and Mason Carlton, performed several songs, including a new one  prepared specially for the event.

In addition to new material, Goody performed old favorites like “Lighters” and “Selfdom.”

An intriguing mix of indie- guitar riffs and elegant rap vocals makes Goody stand out from the crowd.

The group samples occasionally from famous songs, such as Third Eye Blind’s “Jumper.” Obviously a UMW favorite, Goody’s fans sang along and danced throughout the group’s set.

Following Goody’s performance, Save The Arcadian took the stage and was greeted by enthusiastic applause from the crowd.

Whalen’s hosting may possibly have been the only mediocre part of the evening, as he regaled the crowd with off-color and mildly offensive jokes about poop, Princess Diana’s death and the Vagina Monologues.

Despite crass jokes, Whalen helped the band promote their album, which was being sold at the performance.

According to the band, “How’d They Get Up There?” was supposed to be released in September.

“We thought it would take two weeks, and here we are, nine months later,” said front man Will McCarry.

During Thursday’s performance, Save The Arcadian performed several songs off of their album, including several covers, such as A-ha’s “Take on Me.”

During the night, fans were able to buy a hard copy of the album, which is now currently available for digital purchase on iTunes and Spotify.

“I loved the performance, they’re all so immensely talented and play really well together,” said senior psychology major Jessica Oliver.

Junior religion major Ellen White agreed.

“I am so glad to have an album and I can’t wait to hear more from them,” White said.

“How’d They Get Up There” features a blend of styles on each song. From slow and jazzy to upbeat and dance-inspiring, the band features from a variety of genres while still maintaining their individual style.

The stars of the album may be the incredibly catchy “Dance Floor,” the mellow “Always Yours” and  “I Won’t Call.”

“This is a really really great indie find,” said one review on the album’s iTunes page. Fans of the band seem to agree.

“Save the Arcadian is a prime example of the awesome local music scene Fredericksburg boasts,” White said.

To hear samples from Save The Arcadian and Goody, see the Bullet website for links.


  1. stuartbollingsmith

    Doesn’t list all the members of Save the Arcadian, but does comment on Isaac Whalen not being politically correct enough? Questionable logic there buddy. I guess all the poop jokes must have been insensitive to the large UMW population with ostomy pouches.