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The Blue & Gray Press | August 23, 2019

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Staff Editorial: UMW breaks even

Many students at the University of Mary Washington found themselves wondering why they were sitting in class this previous Monday. UMW students spent this Labor Day doing exactly what it was implemented to commemorate while family members, and even some friends from other schools, enjoyed one of the last days of summer.

While students, and perhaps some administration and faculty members, question why they must attend school on certain federal holidays, it is important to note that UMW actually offers more days off to students than just a random Monday here and there.

Though UMW started on the same day as James Madison University and Virginia Tech, academic breaks are longer here than at either school. For one thing, fall break is a rather generous gift considering JMU does not even have one. Although Tech has reading days built in during exam week, UMW’s winter break starts a week early.

It turns out that UMW and JMU both have the same winter break, but our spring break is from Feb. 28-March 10, whereas JMU just has March 10-14.

Even though complaints are expected to rise on Labor Day, when students are forced to stare out a classroom window at the free world outside, we should look at the big picture and appreciate the breaks we do have. We will always yearn for days off when the opportunity is there, especially seven days after returning from summer vacation, but remember, we can always hope for those snow days.