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The Blue & Gray Press | August 21, 2019

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Gay marriage rulings are a step in the right direction


Cheers were heard around the states this past June when the Supreme Court ruled to strike down Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a law in effect since 1996, denied basic benefits to same-sex couples, such as immigration rights, bankruptcy, family leave and social security survivor benefits.

The 5-4 ruling was not for the consideration of gay marriage, but its effect allows for same-sex marriage to continue in California.

I stand my ground firmly in support of same sex marriage and will proudly stand up for the rights and equality of any person.

Same-sex marriage is becoming more accepted every day, especially in younger generations.

There are an increasing number of conservatives deciding to support gay marriage as well, mostly in the younger crowd, like myself.

According to a Gallup Poll, in 1996 only 27 percent of Americans approved of same sex marriage. According to the same poll in 2013, 53 percent of Americans now believe it should be legal.

Looking at the younger population, this number increases significantly. According to an NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll 64 percent of Americans between the ages of 18-34 favor same sex marriage.

So what exactly is next for same sex marriage? There are currently 13 states in which it is now legal. Focus is now turned onto the 37 states where it is not.

Many argue that same-sex marriage destroys the institution of marriage and all of its values.

I must disagree. Just because two people in a relationship are the same sex does not mean it is detrimental to the sanctity of marriage.gaymarriage

What it comes down to is every one of us are the same, human beings.

Same-sex marriage values stress monogamy, trust, honesty and commitment to name a few. These are the same as what is expected in a heterosexual marriage.

The only thing ruining the sanctity of marriage is divorce and adultery, which both heterosexual and homosexual couples are equally capable of.

It does not matter what one believes in, what political party one sides with, what God one worships, or one’s sexual orientation.

All human beings deserve equal rights. Every person deserves the right to marry the person they love.

To those who have a problem with same-sex marriage, then there is an easy solution: don’t do it.