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The Blue & Gray Press | December 12, 2018

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New displays across UMW show campus information


Throughout the University of Mary Washington’s Fredericksburg campus, TV monitors are mounted on the walls in locations that receive high amounts of traffic. As part of the new EagleVision program that went live on Aug. 1.

There are currently 43 monitors located around the school in areas such as the athletic facilities, housing facilities, dining facilities and in locally managed areas such as Monroe, Trinkle and the admissions office.

“The first semester we worked with several members of the university community on where to place screens, how to make EagleVision for the students and really show case Eagle pride and spirit,” said Organization for Responsive Campus Advertising  (ORCA TV) CEO Rajiv Shenoy, who has worked with UMW since January 2013.

In all buildings, students can now see the latest updates on weather, clubs and activities happening around campus.

“On at least some of the monitors, you are able to touch a link on the screen that will show you the weather,” said sophomore Alex Obolensky.

EagleVision was designed as a free way for UMW organizations to promote their content and reach out to the community. Students and staff are able to submit their content through the EagleVision website and display information about groups, organizations, clubs and events.

Staff members are able to promote their department using EagleVision and can advertise department events.

Along with students and staff, organizations that are not affiliated with the university are able to use EagleVision but are required to pay an advertising fee.

Some of the items currently displayed on the monitors include an advertisement for the writing center, information about the “Butts Are Litter Too” campaign, graduation requirements for seniors and events on campus such as “The Miss Firecracker Contest” theater production.

The items displayed can be static content or dynamic content. This allows for a wide variety of displays, and also helps to keep the displays interesting for students walking by them.

EagleVision will also be used to display emergency information and will function as an emergency alert system. This allows the University to get important information to students in a timely manner. This is in addition to the already existing Emergency Alert Notification System (EANS).

EagleVision is striving to create a more connected campus community. ORCA TV created the system that UMW uses. UMW started working with ORCA TV in January 2013 to obtain this system.

“As a behind-the-scenes extension of your university team, ORCA TV consultants build, manage, measure and analyze campus communication and emergency readiness,” according to the ORCA TV website.

ORCA TV works with George Mason University, Longwood University and Santa Clara University to advertise student activities similar to UMW.

“For example, at our other campuses, student groups are using it to promote their Twitter Handles and Facebook pages. We can run live-polls through the screens – for example to vote for the name of a new food truck, or to vote for Student Government Elections. It’s certainly effective but it’s really up to the student body to have fun with it,” said Shenoy.

According to ORCA TV, 78 percent of students are more likely to attend an event after seeing it advertised on one of the monitors around campus.

“I think EagleVision powered by Orca TV is another valuable asset in the on-campus advertising world. It’s a great way to bring awareness to events, clubs and general announcement,” said Shoney. “I highly recommend the community use it to leverage and promote other forms of advertising and media as well.”