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The Blue & Gray Press | August 21, 2019

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Ugg boots and shorts: not acceptable



Last week, I instructed men on the improper wear of cargo shorts. This week, it is time to address the ladies about a different fashion faux pas: Uggs and shorts.
As it is 2013, I did not think I would ever see this outfit in public again, but as I strolled through campus this past week, what to my wondering eyes should appear but several female UMW students sporting the combination.
My first thought was “no.” This was also my second thought. My following thoughts were “why,” “stop” and “let me help you.” The trendiness and acceptability of such an outfit may be enticing, and we all make fashion mistakes, especially in college, but this is one fashion faux pas that is too easily remedied.
Ladies (and gentlemen, if that is your style), when you are getting ready for class in the morning and find yourself sporting Uggs and shorts, perhaps try selecting some more reasonable footwear.
If it is warm enough for you to wear shorts, it is not cold enough to warrant Ugg boots. However, when winter comes to Fred Vegas and your tootsies need to be kept toasty, by all means pull out the boots.
I own a pair, and I love them, as they are the ultimate in shoe engineering for both comfort and warmth.
Now, if you are thinking, “but Uggs look okay with panty hose and shorts or a dress in the winter,” stop. No it does not. Buy some leather boots and thick socks and deal with it. This is Fredericksburg, not Winterfell. You will be okay for the average 20 minutes you have to be outside between classes before you can go nap, I promise.
Just remember this: Ugg boots are great, and shorts are great, but never shall the two meet. Ever. I mean it.


  1. cmccrzy

    “Buy some leather boots and thick socks and deal with it”. This article is so arrogant. If it’s not a racial or sexist slur, insult, misogyny, or encouraging illegal behavior, let people wear whatever they please. What, you’re putting down the fashion law now? You don’t even know why they’re wearing that outfit. Maybe they were tired when they got up that morning and put on whatever was nearby (uggs are nice because they’re just slip-ons – you don’t have to tie anything). Maybe it’s warm but their feet get really cold so they chose shorts and warm shoes. Maybe they feel self-conscious about showing their toes/ankles. Maybe they wear Uggs year-round. Maybe that’s their favorite pair of shoes/clothing, or it has some other emotional significance. Maybe they lost a bet. Maybe they were going to an event that required that dress code. Also: Uggs were originally made for SURFING, and are still used as such, as well as for cold weather. Maybe the person wearing them needs them for some activity relating to water. Did you actually take the time to talk to these people about why they chose this combination of clothing before you just went around judging them for the decision?

  2. Linda nolan

    I have light pink sequined uggs, and they look darling with shorts, very cute. What am I, a Hollywood star who’ll get a bad review? If I think thet look cute, I’ll wear them. We all get ONE life, and we should spend it doing what makes us happy, not worrying what total strangers think.