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The Blue & Gray Press | August 22, 2019

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EaglePalooza turns students into rock band singers


eaglepalooza4webThe University of Mary Washington Programming Council (UPC) teamed up with Giant Productions to bring EaglePalooza to the Underground on Saturday, Sept. 27.

EaglePalooza, a karaoke show with a live band providing the music, was emceed by UPC members, sophomore Bobby Mcguigan and junior Samantha Litchford. According to Mcguigan, the idea came up several weeks ago during their club meeting.

“We were all really excited about it,” said Mcguigan. “We all wanted it to happen.”

After the UPC members came up with the idea for EaglePalooza, they approached Giant Productions to find out its feasibility. Giant Productions contacted Mr. Microphone, a local band with a wide-ranging set list that incorporates many popular songs and specialized in live karaoke.

With the idea in place, and the band secured, the only ingredient still needed for EaglePalooza’s success were UMW students willing to become the lead singers.

“We really want to bring this back,” said Mcguigan. “But it all depends on its popularity.”

UPC went the extra mile to ensure this popularity. They gave away prizes to every performer, such as a portable DVD player. EaglePalooza provided a fun, inclusive environment where everyone felt welcome to go on stage and be the lead singer in their very own band. The audience was treated to sparkling renditions of country songs, rock classics and new music, all of which were enthusiastically preformed by UMW students.

By the end of the night, the entire Underground was on its feet dancing, singing and cheering for their fellow students. Thanks to the hard work of UPC and Giant Productions, EaglePalooza proved to be an incredibly enjoyable addition to campus entertainment, one that will hopefully return and give UMW students the chance to be rock stars once again.