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The Blue & Gray Press | August 18, 2018

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Fall fashion to watch for


fashion4webBenching is an honored tradition at the University of Mary Washington. From my bench this past Monday, I witnessed a variety of ensembles. Some were great, and some regrettably were not.

The best dressed students I saw were wearing classic outfits for this strange weather. As we transition into fall, I notice dresses with boots and sweaters, cuffed jeans and scarves galore.

The worst dressed were not so on point, however. There were five large mistakes I saw in my half hour outside Lee Hall.

Luckily for my fellow fashion-forward friends, these mistakes are easy to remedy.

1. Stay away from the dyed leather jacket. Never ever dye a leather jacket. It clearly looks fake and unnatural, and often can come across as very cheap.

2. If you are wearing a crop top and it is before 11 p.m., please re-think that decision. I know you want to show off how good your six pack looks or how cute your belly button ring is, but it is a weekday on campus, and you are presumably going to class.

I do not know about you, but I personally do not want to discuss my test grade with a professor while my belly ring is exposed. Save those crop tops for party time, when you are with a crowd who will truly appreciate how great you look.

3. White patent leather heels. It is not Easter, so put the white high heels away, please. Furthermore, it is difficult to get across this campus in heels. I know you do not want to put in that much effort just to get to class.

4. While on the topic of shoes, let us discuss Crocs. Those things have a time and a place, just like everything else: never, and in the trash.

5. The foundation mask. I know it is Monday morning, but ladies, there is nothing worse than make up that has not been blended well.

Take a few extra minutes in the mirror each morning and check to make sure your make up looks alright.

Remember, UMW students: dress well, test well.