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The Blue & Gray Press | October 16, 2018

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Homecoming band Grouplove releases new album

Homecoming band Grouplove releases new album


grouplove4webThis year at Homecoming, University of Mary Washington students will hear songs off of Grouplove’s new album “Spreading Rumours.”

The band, which will be headlining the Campus Consciousness tour on Oct. 25 for UMW’s Homecoming, released their new album on Sept. 17. For the southern California based band, this album follows their 2011 debut, “Never Trust a Happy Song,” which featured the chart favorite “Tongue Tied.”

Similar to their first, Grouplove’s second album does not disappoint. The free spirited Indie band writes catchy, fun-loving songs. This album can easily be danced to or put on as background music in dorms.

The album is overall very polished, while still being experimental, giving the band room to grow.

“Ways to Go” was an excellent choice for the first single from the album. The song features catchy beats and intriguing lyrical choices. Another choice track off the album is “Shark Attack,” which offers simplistic instrumental qualities while bringing in a techno vibe.

The album takes off fast, but really hits the gas at the mid-way mark.

“Hippy Hill” is the album’s clear low point. The line “I’d rather be a hippy than a hipster!” is both awkward and confusing. “What I Know,” leaves listeners with that same confused feeling, unfortunately.

After these songs, the album slowly picks back up at a moderate pace. The second half of “Spreading Rumors” features several slower ballads that showcase a different side of Grouplove. It proves they have talent across the board and can be more than just a one hit wonder band.

The songs “Save the Party for Me” and “Raspberry” shine bright with their uncharacteristically slower pace, bohemian vibes and raw sound.

“Spreading Rumours” delivers, and it is a pleasant surprise. Grouplove proves they are deeper musically than that than most Indie bands. ”Spreading Rumours” is a fine second album, with better rounded tracks than the debut. It is the perfect album to listen to, whether doing homework or jamming out during Homecoming.