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The Blue & Gray Press | August 25, 2019

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Boxing packs a punch for students looking to learn

Boxing packs a punch for students looking to learn

In its eighth year as a club at University of Mary Washington, boxing club provides an opportunity for students of any skill level to put their fists up and learn about the art of boxing.faceoff

Senior Dimitri Georgiadis is president of the club, coming off of three previous years of boxing at UMW with the club.

The group meets Monday, Wednesday and Sunday in the auxiliary gym in Goolrick Hall where beginner boxers learn the basics of the sport.

The club team holds about 35 members for this fall semester, a boost from years past.

Georgiadis said he is excited for this year’s crew of members. After much effort, Georgiadis feels honored to hold the title of president.

“After the time I have put in and the dedication to the sport, I was chosen,” he said.

At this time, the boxing club does not compete against other schools, and instead stays within UMW.

According to club member and junior psychology major, Tess Schwemmer, at their practices the boxers begin with warm-ups, which includes jogging, jump roping and running up and down stairs.

Warm-ups consist of cardio, push-ups, wall sits, planks and more. After warm-ups, the members put on their hand wraps and gloves, find a partner and practice combinations with each other.

“We learn something new every time, so the practices vary depending on what’s on the agenda,” Schwemmer said.

Georgiadis and the club hopes to host a fight night at the end of the semester to test the skills of the individuals.

Since the club does not compete against other schools, the club’s current purpose is an introduction to western-style boxing where the beginners learn the basics through sparring.

Not all members of the boxing club are entirely new to the sport, such as first year member, freshman Gerber Ortiz. Coming into the boxing club with prior experience, Ortiz couldn’t be happier.

“I am excited that I found a school which honors my passion,” Ortiz said about UMW and the club.

Gerber is often an instructor in the team’s practices due to his boxing knowledge from former professional boxer Willie Taylor.

Schwemmer, who joined boxing club this semester, said that she joined in order to broaden her horizons at UMW and get in shape while doing so.

“I’m extremely glad that I did step outside my comfort zone because it has been such a wonderful experience and the club members are such great, fun people,” Schwemmer said. “It has been a blast learning how to move, punch and think like a boxer.”