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The Blue & Gray Press | August 18, 2019

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Fredericksburg Dog Fair lets four-legged friends shine

Fredericksburg Dog Fair lets four-legged friends shine


dog4webOn a normal day, the streets of the City of Fredericksburg are prime locations for dog spotting. Locals enjoy walking their four legged friends on warm days, and the downtown area is very dog friendly.
On Saturday, Oct. 5, the streets became swarmed as dog owners from Fredericksburg and beyond gathered at the city’s fairgrounds to celebrate their pets.
The “Gone to the Dogs” dog fair began registering pets and owners for the day’s events at 8 a.m., kicking it all off with a 5k “Fun Run” an hour later.
Events ranged from intensive physical competitions to fun free-entry contests. Dogs enrolled in races ran obstacle courses and contended for the best racing times.  Less serious contests included “Best Kisser,” “My Dog Can Do That,” “Dog Look-a-Like” and “Fido Says.”
However, the highlight of the day was the “Masquerade Dog Parade.” Multitudes of costumed dogs strutted down the streets and tried to break the world record for “Most Dressed up Dogs in a Parade.”
The fairgrounds were covered with vendors selling everything from dog shampoos to painted paw prints. The fair boasted multiple attractions, complete with typical fair food, a dunk tank and a doggy kissing booth.  Stands around the grounds also offered attendees the opportunity to adopt a dog on the spot.
Sharon Norris, an out-of-towner, adopted two of her four dogs at past fairs, and she adopted two bigger dogs at last year’s fair.
Christian Moore, a local, has attended dog fairs for years. According to Moore, she enjoys the fair because she loves having a day for her dogs.
“It’s not every day you can take them out and do something with them that’s for them,” Moore said.
A draw for anyone who loves dogs, the Dog Fair is a nice way to appreciate pets, giving the dogs a day all their own.